Workouts Lately & My #Gains

Hi friends.  I have been busy outside the blogging world lately and haven’t been posting much, so I figured I’d pop in with some of my recent workouts and an update on the fitness front!


Sweaty post-WOD face!

First off, I’m still pretty sore from Sunday’s Chipper WOD at Crossfit.  When I saw the workout posted, I immediately started questioning whether I’d be able to complete all of the movements in the 25-minute time cap.  


Rowing is my jam, so I knew that wouldn’t be a problem as long as I held a strong pace.  I just finally figured out how to string together a few double-unders (SO excited!), so I definitely did extra reps with singles between but the jump roping wasn’t bad.  Wall balls have been my enemy lately, and the 14-lb ball felt so heavy, so I broke the reps into sets of 5 and took breaks in between.  I still haven’t reached my goal of an unassisted pull-up, so I used pull-up bands for those 30 reps.  The turkish get ups took FREAKIN FOREVER.  I’m definitely not a fan of this movement in a WOD, because it is so technical and takes a lot of time, but whatever.  I switched sides every 2 reps and it seemed like I was on this movement for at least 10-minutes.  For the overhead squats, I chose the weight I used in Open Workout 15.2–45lb–and am so glad I did.  I can now do overhead squats with a little more weight than that, but my upper body was already smoked from the pull-ups and turkish get ups.  I was able to complete all 10 reps unbroken and feeling good.  Finally, the modification for muscle-ups was 15 ring dips and 15 ring rows. My arms were jell-O at that point, so I broke those up into sets of 5 each and finished the whole WOD in 22:21.  I made it under the time cap with time to spare!!! :)

The Sunday before this was another brutal, lengthy WOD, so I guess that’s a trend for our weekend workouts?  That one was as follows:


I finished in just under 20 minutes (19:50) and modified it to 200 single-unders and the majority of my push-ups were on my knees.  This one was definitely a good total body workout!

One thing I was reminded of in this workout (and any others that include running) is how much CrossFitters dislike running.  Seriously, they bitch and moan about seeing a measily 200m in a WOD.  Ask them to do a 400m jog to warm-up? You’d think the world ended.  A whole mile like in this workout?  Forget it.  I was the only person not complaining.  Sure…my endurance has been slacking since switching my focus to CF, but I always look at the running in WODs as the “easy” part.  Maybe it’s because I’ve had so much mental practice when it comes to running?  i.e. bargaining with myself to get to the next landmark, telling myself to focus on my breath, etc.  Maybe it’s because I don’t really run much anymore, so when I do it I like it? Whatever it may be, I ENJOY the running part of WODs and I HATE to listen to everyone else complain about them.  What’s that saying you CrossFitters like to use…? Suck it up, buttercup? YEAH.  LET’S DO THAT.

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been averaging 3-4 days of CrossFit each week plus one day of either running or yoga. I still haven’t gotten around to that 1-year of CrossFit recap that I promised to write, but let’s just say I’ve made a lot of progress.  I can’t do a pull-up, rope climb or muscle-up yet, but I CAN now do toes-to-bar and double-unders.  I’ve made so much progress in my form and how much weight I can move.  

The result of all this progress? #Gains.  As in muscle.  I don’t have any transformation photos to show and I never took body measurements.  I certainly don’t bother stepping on a scale ever, except at the doctor’s office.  But I know I’m gaining muscle, not only because I can lift more weight than I used to, but because most of my clothes no longer fit me!  I’m starting to develop broader shoulders and bigger back muscles.  In fact, last week I had to buy new sports bras because most of my current ones dig into my traps and are too tight around my chest.  I bought two size XL bras, not because my boobs are bigger…but because my back is!  #Gains.  I didn’t think it was possible, but my quads and calves are growing too.  I’m getting that squat booty. Since I was previously a total CrossFit groupie, I had read all about the way women’s bodies change when they start lifting weights, but I guess I didn’t expect to struggle with it myself.  When I first started sippin the Kool-Aid, I remember reading an awesome article about women in CrossFit and body image but of course I can’t find it now! 😉  I guess my take on all of these #gains is that although I’m going through some uncomfortable changes, I am beyond proud of this body I have worked so hard for.  It’s still frustrating to not fit into clothes, regardless of the reason.  It’s expensive to have to replace wardrobe pieces.  But it is worth it to feel strong and healthy!  

Your turn!  Running: hate it or love it in CrossFit?  Ladies, how did you handle your #gains? Tell me about it.



My Birthday Project Recap

Gooood morning!  My birthday was exactly one week ago and I’ve spent the past two weeks celebrating by performing random acts of kindness!  Check out my initial post on My Birthday Project here.  I’ve been struggling to put into words how amazing it felt to celebrate my birthday with a project like this, but I want to start by thanking everyone who took part.  Each text/tweet/e-mail/instagram I received from you all put a smile on my face and absolutely warmed my heart!  I wrote in that last post about how I wanted to put some goodness out into the sometimes harsh world and I truly feel like we accomplished that.  Read on to see my 29 acts of kindness from #KimsBdayProject…plus the incredible acts from friends, family & KHNutrition readers!

1. Donated 2 garbage bags of clothes (free)

2-11. Left lotto tickets (x10!) on cars in the train station parking lot


12. Left 100% tip for a hardworking waitress at breakfast spot

13. Wrote a rave review for said breakfast place (free)

14. Left a $5 Dunkin Donuts gift card on a car


15. Left $5 toward the next person’s order at coffee shop


16. Donated blood (free).  Visit NY Blood Center to find where you can donate too!


17. Dropped package of wish-list items off to Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehab

18. “Accidentally” dropped $5 in the parking lot of the Animal Rescue

19. Contributed to Kaella’s Team for Kids fundraising efforts for the TCS NYC Marathon

19. Left $5 in quarters in a Ziploc baggie at the car wash


20. Left Nuttzo coupons in the grocery store (free)

21. Left Siggi’s coupons in the dairy aisle (free)


22. Signed up for AmazonSmile, which donates 0.05% of all eligible purchases to a charity of your choice.  I chose the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research. (free)


23-24. Sent two deserving friends $5 Starbucks cards via e-mail on a Monday morning!

25. Donated race medals to Medals4Mettle, a non-profit organization that gifts race medals to ill children and adults. (free)

26. Stuck #OperationBeautiful post-it notes on random cars (free)

27. Left healthy snacks out for everyone at the office to take :)


28. Picked up trash along my running trail (free)

29. Mailed a note to the Nassau County PD, thanking them for taking care of our community during this tough time. (P.S. #BlueLivesMatter)

My point in sharing this post is not to brag or seek credit for any of my RAOK, but rather to inspire you to perform some of your own!  I can’t tell you how rewarding it feels to do little things that will brighten someone’s day and hopefully start that ripple effect of paying it forward.  My favorite of all the RAOK were the ones that were anonymous, where I wouldn’t have to “face” the receiver of the gift…I loved imagining a grumpy gus getting off the LIRR after a tough day of work in the city, finding a lotto ticket on their car and it brightening their day.  I pray that my blood can potentially save a life.  So, go get this giving high yourself!  It’s SO worth it.

Now let’s talk about the crazy cool things my friends and family did for #KimsBdayProject!  One friend e-mailed me that she forgot to take pictures, but performed several RAOK, including giving up a seat for someone on the bus, donating to the Red Nose Project, sending flowers to a sick relative and purposefully parking far away at Target to allow someone who needed a closer spot to have it.  Boom! 

Both boyfriend and my brother donated blood:

image2 (1)

Kaella donated a food bank hamper and bought Starbucks for the person behind her in line:



My cousin bought breakfast, lunch and dinner for the homeless on my birthday:


CF Buddy Liz bought coffee for coworkers, donated clothes, helped wrap flowers for a charity walk and left change for the office vending machine!



Incredible, right?!  Seriously, you guys…THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for participating and spreading love!  Let’s keep the goodness going in our day-to-day lives, yes?