Race Eve Thoughts

Tomorrow morning I am (most likely) running my 7th half marathon and boyfriend is running his first.  I say most likely, as there’s a possibility it could be cancelled due to weather. :(  Hey, #HurricaneJoaquin, chill the eff out, okay? 


This pic mostly describes how we feel after our 10-week CrossFit Endurance training cycle.  It was an interesting experience and way different than any other training plan I’ve used before.  I think I’ll write a more in-depth post on CFE training vs. traditional race plans at a later date…perhaps after we see some results from it?  For now, since I’ve shared my training here each week, I figured you be invested and want to know my goals for the race, plus some random thoughts I’m having on the eve of the race.  Let’s start with my goals for tomorrow’s 13.1 jaunt in the rain.

  • A goal–> PR (aka 1:58:44 or below).  Ha! I truly have no idea if this is possible (especially given the weather forecast), but I’m dreaming big! Isn’t that what the A goal is for? 
  • B goal–> Sub-2, just because.
  • C goal–> Finish feeling strong and proud, given whatever the race day conditions are!
  • Bonus goal–>No chafing! I don’t mind running in the rain, but I’ve never done it for this long of a distance and I’ll be lathering up with Aquaphor tomorrow.

So, yeah.  I have some goals, but ultimately I’m feeling really laid back about this race.  Maybe because it’s not my first rodeo, maybe because the weather forecast (53 degrees, 90% humidity with wind and rain) has me in the “just finish” mindset, but I think mostly because it doesn’t feel like MY race.  I certainly trained for it, but I see it more as OUR race.  Boyfriend and I made a commitment to each other to do this together.  We started the training together and we’ll celebrate our accomplishment after we both finish tomorrow.  I do have some secret goals in mind for him, but since it’s his first race I’m going to keep those secret.  He’s had an awesome training cycle, I have no doubt he will rock this race tomorrow, and I’m just excited to see how he does!

And now, a few thoughts I’m having as I reflect on our training cycle…

  • Running is hard.  Running fast is really hard. Running fast feels easier when you only do it for short distances, which is something I enjoyed about CF Endurance. :)
  • I found it extremely disheartening to run with (or behind) boyfriend at times. He is fast!  Some people find it motivational, I struggled.  
  • Training together was good for our relationship and helped us work on communication.  I would vent about a tough long run and he finally understood what I meant, since he’d been there too.  He would have one shitty morning at the track and I’d encourage him to step back at look at his improvements from the start of training.  Ultimately it was a great opportunity to make a commitment and work toward a common goal together.
  • Running buddies (who are not super fast boyfriend) are essential.  I’m looking at you, Beth!
  • It must be so easy to run with long legs.  Kind of kidding, mostly not.  
  • I miss lifting weights. Yes, we followed a CrossFit Endurance plan, so I was lifting during some of the training and going to classes 3-4 days a week, but it is not the same as solely training with CrossFit.  There were definitely times I scaled workouts and took it easier, knowing I had run earlier that day, or because I knew I had speed work the next day.  
  • Watching someone else accomplish a goal might just feel better than accomplishing one yourself.  I’ll know more about that after tomorrow! 😉
  • I really really hope the rain holds off for our race.  Mostly because I don’t want boyfriend’s first (and probably last) race experience to be totally miserable.

That’s all for now.  I’m off to eat dinner and get our race clothes/gear all laid out, garbage bag ponchos included. Wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed that the rain holds off. I’ll be back with a recap next week either way.  Have a great weekend!





Weekend Fun & Week 10 of CrossFit Endurance Training

Weekend Fun & Week 10 of CrossFit Endurance Training

It’s officially race week, my friends!  I’ll do a quick recap of last week’s workouts for you, but first I wanted to share some fun happenings from the weekend.  

Saturday started out with a late paleo pancake breakfast, because we slept in for once!  Then, boyfriend and I drove out East on Long Island to go apple-picking and stock up on some fall decor for the house.  We went to Wickham’s Fruit Farm,took a cute tractor ride back to the orchards and even got a bonus stop for some pears! 



After we snagged a whole bunch of fruit, we made a pit stop in Mattituck for lunch at Good Food.  It just opened this summer and has specialty salads, sandwiches and baked goods.  Oh, and empanadas!  Boyfriend got meaty ones, but I opted for the Seasonal Greens & Black Bean Corn with a side of greek couscous salad.  Delish!


The rest of the day was spent getting pumpkins, mums and other things to decorate our new home!  It’s not done yet, but here’s a quick peek:


Sunday was our very last long run before next week’s half marathon.  After the run, I ran some errands and snagged Rocky a new veggie toy from Petco.  He loves his avocado, broccoli and carrot so it was no surprise he went right for the eggplant I brought him!


The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning and doing laundry before heading to celebrate our niece’s 2nd birthday!  :)

Now onto the training…

Monday 9/21: Ahhh, remember when I was loving life at Kripalu?  It seems like a distant memory already.  That morning I went for a beautiful 2 hour hike and then did 1 hour gentle yoga class in the afternoon.  Glorious.


Tuesday 9/22: I debated doing my planned speedwork on the treadmill at Kripalu, but then I remembered where I was and took 1.5 hour intermediate yoga instead. #SorryNotSorry

Wednesday 9/23: Rest

Thursday 9/24: I hit the track super duper early and was actually looking forward to this speedwork.  It called for a warmup, 2 x 200m, 2 x 400m and 2 x 1000m.  Just two miles, with total rest recovery between repeats!  My legs felt shot by the end, but I was happy with my paces and I really enjoyed this short and fast one.


Friday 9/25: “CrossFit”, put in parentheses because I’m not sure you can call it that.  I struggled to get myself to do anything at all once I got home from work and ended up doing a short (we’re talking 4-5 minute) workout.  Ladder down from 10: KB swings and air squats.  Blech. 

Saturday 9/26: Rest (unless you count apple-picking from above…)

Sunday 9/27: 8 miles (9:50 avg pace).  Boyfriend had a fantastic last long run, but mine was just eh.  I had some hamstring tightness in one leg and IT band pain in the other, so although I started strong, my pace dropped.  All in all, glad to be done running long for awhile, with the exception of that whole race next weekend!

There ya have it, a week’s worth of workouts and a weekend full of food and fun!

Tell me…Have you gotten into fall mode yet? What’s your favorite type of apple?  Mine is Macintosh!