My First Double Unders!

You guys, I finally did a double under last night! Then a few more, then we worked out, then I did more and made CF buddy Liz take video as proof!  

Don’t know what a double under is?  According to the Wikipedia, Double unders are when the participant jumps higher than usual while swinging the rope twice under his feet. It is possible to have the rope swing three times under the feet (triple under).

It’s something I have been struggling with since starting CrossFit.  I understood what I was supposed to do, but just couldn’t get my body to do it…until last night!  I have been practicing a lot more and I guess it helped because I finally did one as I was warming up before class yesterday.  Thank goodness the music was loud and no one was paying attention (the earlier class was busy working out), because I totally screeched like a nerd when it happened!  Check me out here:

Double Under Success! from Kimberly Hoban on Vimeo.

As for why my face is so red in the video…last night’s workout was rough.  It was a “Fight Gone Bad” style WOD, with 3 5-minute rounds with one minute rest between each round.  You had to move between 5 stations (sit-ups, hand-release push-ups, air squats, burpees to a 6″ target and toes-to-bar) and do one minute of work at each station.  I did the push-ups from my knees and chest-to-knees instead of toes-to-bar.  The score was our total completed reps from all rounds, and I ended up with 353!  Woof.  I did the real Fight Gone Bad WOD back in September and that was definitely harder, but this wasn’t easy by any means.


After the workout, I refueled with a protein shake.  Since most of the time I CrossFit at night after work (but before dinner), I bring a Blender Bottle with protein powder to have after my workout.  My Blender Bottle was dirty yesterday, so I had to get creative and went with a mason jar.  I felt a little silly, but it did the job!

Can you do double unders? What workout move do you struggle with?  Tell me about it!



A Day in The Life

Hi there! I always find these “day in the life” posts so interesting from other bloggers, so I decided to share my own typical day.  Actually, I’ve tried to do this for a while now, but always forget to keep track of the minutia until the day was pretty much over.  This time, I managed to keep track of what I was doing throughout the day.  FYI: yesterday was a running day on my training schedule and an office day at work, so that’s what you’ll see!

Somewhere around 5am:  Wake up dreading my alarm and can’t fall back asleep.  Think about resetting alarm for an hour later and skipping run…drift back to sleep.

5:45am: Alarm goes off.  Do not want to go for a run. Ugh.  Debate staying in bed.

5:50am: Get out of bed.  Eat half of a TJs pop-tart, sip some water, debate getting back into bed.  Get dressed with clothes I laid out last night and force myself out the door.


Fake it til you make it!

 6am-6:50am: Selfie.  Run 5 miles, failing at my fast-paced intervals, wondering why my new tights are suddenly stretched out and loose, telling myself I should have just stayed in bed because running sucks.  Give up on my goal paces and just run, listening to “Eminem Radio” on Pandora.  Rage.

7:00-7:03am: Take Rocky out, watch him pee then run right back into the house because it’s cold/he’s lazy/he’s obsessed with boyfriend and hates being away from him.  



7:04-7:55 am: Jump in the shower, blow dry hair, put my face on, brush teeth, get dressed.

7:55-8:10 am: Make breakfast (smoothie with spinach, banana, pineapple, chia seeds, almond milk and peanut butter), pack lunch (lentils and kale in corn tortillas, brussels sprouts) and snacks (orange, cheddar cheese, KIND bar).  

8:15 am: Drive to work sipping on smoothie and jamming out to Taylor Swift. 


8:30 am: Arrive at work, check e-mail, fill up water bottle and hot tea, catch up with my boss.  Start working on our National Nutrition Month promotions, nutritional analysis on recipes, etc.

9:30 am: More tea. Text Liz, discuss about how sore we are from CrossFit (obviously).  

10:00-11:00 am:  Meeting.

11:15 am: Snack (orange and cheddar cheese) and refill tea and water bottle.

11:30am-1:00 pm: Continue working on nutrition labeling and recipe analysis, eventually switch gears and schedule social media (Follow us on Instagram and Twitter if you’re not already!).

1:00-2:00 pm: Conference call to discuss upcoming health fair topics, tabling events with our other RD’s.

2:00-3:00 pm: Eat lunch at my desk, while catching up on blogs, twitter and Instagram.


 3:00-5:30 pm: Work, work, work.  Mostly writing and editing copy for our bi-monthly newsletters and fleshing out details of National Nutrition Month activities.  Also in here: some more texting with Liz about how I’m becoming progressively more sore as the day goes on.  And more tea.  

6:00-6:30 pm: Arrive home to boyfriend making the most ridiculous grilled cheese sandwiches ever: muenster and cheddar cheese with caramelized onions and avocado, on crusty garlic bread.  Amazing!  Inhale sandwiches, share on Instagram, watch the likes start rolling in.  People just love bread, cheese and butter!  This is absolutely not a typical dinner for me, but it was date night and boyfriend was in charge! ;)


6:30-6:45 pm: Force Rocky to go out for a walk, he agrees because boyfriend is coming too.  We walk waddle down the street and back, discussing how greasy and terrible we feel after those delicious sandwiches.  

6:45-7:00 pm: Open package from my old roommate, Carrie, who now lives in Chicago.  The box is full of clothes she was going to toss or donate and instead sent to me!  It’s like Stitch Fix, except used and so much cheaper!  Thanks, Care! 

7:00-7:30 pm: Watch Jeopardy with boyfriend, crush the sneaker category. {I never promised this would be interesting…}

7:30-8:05 pm: Boyfriend purchased tickets to see American Sniper earlier, so we drive to the theater.  Then we realize we went to the wrong place, sprint back to the car and drive to the actual theater.  

8:15-10:20 pm: Watch a bazillion trailers and finally American Sniper.  (Go see it!)

10:20-10:40 pm: Drive home, discussing the movie and how crazy the world is.

10:45 pm: SO PAST MY BEDTIME.  Get home, brush teeth, wash face, change into PJ’s, go to sleep!

So there you have it.  A (sort of) typical day in the life for me.  Now you tell me:

What’s your typical date night like?  Have you seen American Sniper yet?