13 Running Questions

24 Jul

A few days back I caught this run survey on Audrey’s blog and decided to do one myself.  I always think surveys are a fun little way to get to know more about the person behind the blog, and in this case…their running!  Plus, after all that talk of ice cream earlier in the week it’ll be good to switch gears back to something healthy!  Haha! So here goes…

1. Best run ever: I think this goes to my 20-miler from last year’s marathon training, where I ran the 5th Avenue Mile in the middle.  I accomplished big things in both distance and speed that day, and it was awesome!

2. Three words that describe my running: Humbling, calming, fun.

3. My go-to running outfit is: Nike Legend 2.0 Dri Fit CaprisGapFit Motion Racer tank, Moving Comfort Fiona bra, Asics Gel-Cumulus/GT-2000, Balega Hidden Comfort socks, Sparkly Soul headband.  As pictured here: 767291-1317-0003s 4. Quirky habit while running: I have to admit I have a few, but the quirkiest is probably my rapping.  I run to a lot of hip-hop/rap music and don’t hesitate to rap while running!  I also am super anal about my bib (and everyone else’s for that matter…) being perfectly centered and straight for races. You people and your half-pinned, sideways, floppy bibs blow my mind!

5. Morning, midday, evening: Morning is definitely my fave, although I can get a run done anytime.  I love morning runs the most because once they’re done you feel so accomplished all day.  And I love running by houses thinking “they’re sleeping and I’m running!” Whatever makes you feel good…right?!

6. I won’t run outside when it’s: icy, I guess.  Otherwise I’ll run outside in the rain, snow, heat, cold, whatever!  Much prefer outdoors to the treadmill.

7. Worst injury—and how I got over it:  ITB/hip issues/weakness during training for Philly marathon last fall.  I did a lot of Physical Therapy, took a lot of time off and then started over and focused on getting STRONG with CrossFit!

8. My Personal Best half marathon or marathon: Currently training for my first/best marathon (NYCM on November 2, 2014!), but my best half is from Brooklyn this year-1:58:45! :)

9. Next race is: As of now, the TCS New York City Marathon!  I haven’t signed up for any shorter distances yet, although I’m sure I’ll add a few into my training.

10. Running goal for 2014: Start (and finish) that damn marathon.

11. What GPS watch do I use: Garmin Forerunner 10. It’s cute, it’s simple and as long as it’s not taking years to find a satellite (like it did this past Tuesday…), I love it!image (4) 12. How do I stay motivated to run during summer: I’m sure some people will hate this response, but I don’t think my motivation dips in the summer.  If anything, I’m more motivated by finding new and interesting outdoor places to run, whereas in winter I tend to stick to the routes I know are cleared of snow!

13. Favorite post run treat: Chocolate milk. Duh!  Oh and pickles in the summer when I want some more salt.  No, I’m not preggers…just a sweaty runner girl. chocmilk


Now wasn’t that fun?! Your turn…pick 1 or 2 questions and share your answers in the comments below! :)


National Ice Cream Day

22 Jul

In case you haven’t yet heard, July is National Ice Cream Month.  And it just so happens that this past Sunday was National Ice Cream DAY!  {Fun fact:  The month and day were both designated back in 1984 by President Reagan.  Great president…and he’s an ice cream advocate?! I knew I liked him…}

I might be a dietitian, but one of my absolute favorite indulgences happens to be ice cream.  Mint chocolate chip to be precise.  And I’m also dating a guy who is something of an ice cream addict.  If you follow me on social media, I’m sure you’ve already seen some of our adventures in ice cream eating.  He seriously is always down to get some ice cream.  He actually once explained to me that even when he’s full he has room for ice cream because it melts and fills in the “gaps” in his stomach.  Mmmhmm.  I never learned that in my nutrition or anatomy classes…

Ice cream is becoming all the rage lately, at least in the NYC area.  So I wasn’t surprised to hear about Creme De La Creme, an ice cream festival taking place at the Brooklyn Flea this past weekend.  After checking out the list of vendors, I knew I wanted to check it out, and it didn’t take much convincing for boyfriend to join me.


I think there were about 10 vendors, but knowing we wouldn’t be able to eat 10 different ice creams (or at least I couldn’t), we came up with a little strategy.  We immediately jumped into line for Steve’s ice cream, which we had looked up on our way to the Flea.  After that, we took a look around at the others and picked our must-try list.



Check out those flavors!  Some were exclusive to the ice cream festival, which I thought was pretty fun.  And they had these ridiculous looking pretzel cones, which we didn’t get but I imagine would be awesome with a sweet ice cream.


It was a tough decision, but I went with a scoop of Brooklyn Blackout (milk chocolate ice cream swirled with pieces of chocolate stout cake and dark chocolate pudding) in a sugar cone.  Boyfriend had a scoop of the avocado chip in a sugar cone.  Tell me I’m not the only one who saw that name and thought avocado and tortilla chip?!  Haha I don’t know why I didn’t realize it would be chocolate chips, but a guacamole-style ice cream doesn’t sound half bad…Anyway, both of our flavors were incredible!  I think a trip to Steve’s is in our future….



After we finished our first cones, we put our plan into action.  I knew I wanted to try another chocolate flavor from Phin & Phebe’s, so we held off and got in line for OddFellow’s.  First of all, I loved their hashtag: #ErrbodyLovesIceCream.  So true!


And their flavors were so unique!  Cornbread?  I mean, how can you NOT try that?

IMG_7608This time, we went with two scoops to share….one of the cornbread and one Buttermilk with honey and blueberry.  Holy yum!  We agreed the Buttermilk was pretty rich and I didn’t end up having more than a few spoons of that.  But the cornbread?  Yes.  It’s actually cornbread ice cream, not ice cream with pieces of cornbread in it.  It was incredible!

IMG_7613Following our plan closely, we ate the cornbread/buttermilk combo as we stood in line for Phin & Phebe’s.  We don’t mess around!

Remember when I said I wanted to try more chocolate….?IMG_7622

Well there were plenty of other delicious-sounding options (Banana Whama and Peanutty Pretzel, anyone?), but I had to go with Dark Chocolate Salty Caramel!  I’m a sucker for dark chocolate anything.


Dark chocolate+salt+caramel=heaven.

Boyfriend went with Vietnamese Iced Coffee, which had hints of chicory and cardamom.  Interesting, but I’m not a coffee person.  He liked it though!  He’s just not quite used to my food paparazzi skills yet… :)

Not surprisingly, I couldn’t finish my dark chocolate salty caramel cone.  It was delicious, but really rich…and I had already eaten 2 scoops of ice cream, not my normal.  It’s a good thing boyfriend has that whole gaps-in-the-stomach thing.

After Phin & Phebe’s, we checked out (but didn’t sample) a few of the other vendors, like Victory Garden, which had some awesome sounding seasonal flavors and used goat’s milk as a base.  Fort Grace also had a long line and interesting flavors like caramelized nectarine!  Oh, and I can’t forget Butter & Scotch who were whipping up pie milkshakes!  As in…a piece of pie, in a milkshake.  Insane.

I was officially ice-creamed out, but boyfriend still had some gaps to fill.  We got in line for Morgenstern’s and ordered one last scoop.  Check out their selection:

After some debate, boyfriend sampled “Raw Milk” and his eyes lit up!  He went with a scoop of that…which the girl described as just raw milk (read cream) ice cream, not vanilla.  I had a teeny taste and man, was it rich.  You could feel the fat in your mouth.  Serious stuff!

I’d say my ice cream monster and I had a good day sampling some the finest ice creams NYC has to offer and I’m sure we’ll be back next year for more Creme De La Creme.  In the meantime we’ll continue our adventures in ice cream tasting…but in moderation, of course!

Your turn: favorite ice cream flavor?  Cup or cone?  Soft serve or scooped?  Sprinkles or whipped cream?  Go!




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