Weekend Happenings and Early Holiday Celebrations

Hi friends.  After a solid Monday back at work and the gym, I’m ready to recap the low-key but lovely events from this past weekend.  I woke up Saturday morning sore from a week back in the gym (recap of workouts here).  Awhile ago, I purchased a Groupon for a massage place in our new hometown, which I scheduled for Saturday AM and ended up being perfectly timely with my return to fitness.  I kicked off the morning with my favorite Paleo Pancakes and a big mug of hot tea on the couch.  Then I threw on some leggings and drove the 5 minutes to nearby MoonShadow Massage, located in a yoga/pilates studio which I’ll have to also check out!  The massage was just what I needed and I already booked another massage for next month.  Self care, people! 😉

After my massage, I spent some time shopping on Amazon for this year’s Winter Wishes gifts.  If you live in the NYC area and want to give to those in need, this is a great way to do it! Visit NewYorkCares.org to learn more and sign up.  It’s one of my favorite things about the holiday season and I love getting these handwritten notes from the kids and then shopping for their toys and games.  SO sweet! 


In the afternoon, I forced Boyfriend and Rocky to take some photos for our holiday card.  I realize it’s not even Thanksgiving, but I want to design our own card this year (instead of using a service like Shutterfly or TinyPrints) so I need some extra time to get it done!  I recently purchased this tripod and this Bluetooth remote control for my iPhone, so I can work on my food/blog photography and they came in super handy for our mini photo shoot!  There was a lot of drool-slinging and farting during the shoot, so it was tough to get a nice family picture. I took so many photos, trying to keep both the stubborn bulldog and uncooperative boyfriend in check.  I think I may have ended up with one that will work for our card! Ha! Here’s a snapshot of what I was working with:


After that disaster, Boyfriend and I left Rocky to rest and did a little outlet shopping.  I scooped up a new pair of my favorite Asics Gel Cumulus running shoes and this 1/2-zip long sleeve for super cheap! I <3 outlets.  Sidenote: I hate shopping during the holiday season, so this will likely be the last time you’ll find me at an actual store and not online!  Who can handle those crazy crowds, long lines and rude people? Not this gal. Thank goodness for the internet and Amazon Prime.


That evening we spent enjoying a bottle of wine in front of the fireplace.  Romantic, huh? So not like us, but it certainly was nice!  Plus, I made a delicious pasta dish for dinner with portobello mushrooms, caramelized onion and goat cheese.  Yum!

Sunday started off with a 6-mile training run, listening to the “Living with a Seal” audiobook I just downloaded, per Kara’s recommendation.  I’m about halfway done with it already and I love it! The run went well despite still feeling sore from CrossFit and my shoes felt fantastic! 

Sunday evening, we met boyfriend’s parents for dinner and then headed to the Christmas Holiday Boat Parade in Patchogue.  I’m usually against starting the Christmas celebrations before Thanksgiving, but I figured if I already was holiday shopping and taking our Christmas photos, why not?!  It was chilly and rainy for the parade, but a fun new Long Island tradition for me! Plus it was Disney themed this year, so I felt like I made my crazy Disney fam proud. 😉  

image1 (3)

What do you think? Is it too early to begin holiday celebrations?  Are you a Black Friday shopper or do you avoid the crowds like me?  Tell me about it…



One Two Three

So who is ready for a nice short work week and some pumpkin pie?  I sure am.  But first, I want to drop in with some exciting news on the fitness front.  Last time I blogged, I was pretty honest about my recent struggles with working out and it seems like since I wrote that, I’ve found my motivation again.  Let’s talk it out, in a 1-2-3 format because that’ll be fun and why not? 


Last Wednesday, I finally joined a new gym, CrossFit Smithtown.  I’ve written about dropping in there a few times and I knew almost immediately it would be a good fit.  The coaches were great, the members were super welcoming and not cliquey and the gym itself is less than 3 miles from our house.  If you’re looking into signing up for CrossFit classes, make sure you drop in to a few different gyms and get a feel for them before making a decision.  They’re all so different and the community aspect of CrossFit is essential to making it enjoyable!


Since joining, I’ve gone twice and got my ass kicked each time.  Here are the workouts I’ve done so far:

10 minute AMRAP

This AMRAP got spicy real quick and while the deadlifts felt easy, the hang cleans were rough at that weight after the first few rounds.  I finished exactly 6 rounds in the 10 minutes and was thankful to be done.  Phew!


This is definitely one of those workouts that looks easy on paper, but is actually brutal when you’re doing it.  If you’re not familiar with tabata workouts, it basically means you do 4-minutes total work, with 8 rounds of 20-seconds “on” and 10-seconds rest.  It sucks.  My abs are killing me from the sit-ups and my back is still feeling tight from the ring-rows, which I subbed for pull-ups.  Oof!


Now that I’m back in the gym, I’m putting all my favorite gear to work again.  Just as runners are usually loyal to a particular shoe brand, I’m pretty loyal to some CrossFit stuff too.  Here are 3 of my essentials:

WODies.  You can read my full review on these babies here, but just know that these are awesome wraps for protecting your hands.  

WOD Welder.  When it comes to handcare, this stuff is just the best.  WODies definitely have my back (or palms) during barbell work, but rips are pretty much inevitable in CrossFit with all of the pull-ups and toes-to-bar.  Enter WOD welder, which is pretty much the equivalent of that magical stuff Katniss gets during The Hunger Games that heals her leg in like an instant.  I use it on dry hands even when I don’t have any open rips and I truly believe it helps my rips heal faster!  

Bottoms with a thick waistband.  I usually WOD in either my Lululemon Tracker Shorts or Nike 2.0 Legend Capris.  Both have an awesomely thick band around the waist, which prevents me from mooning the entire class during double unders or box jumps.  Ain’t nobody got time to be constantly pulling their pants up during a WOD!  I also recently bought a pair of leggings from Fabletics that have the same thick band at the waist.  THE BEST.  

So there you have it…one new gym, two workouts and three of my CrossFit necessities.  

Your turn: what are your workout necessities?  What’s the ONE thing you’re looking forward to eating this Thanksgiving?  Tell me about it!