MHRRC Turkey Trot 2011

I guess I should’ve read last year’s TT post before Thursday, to remind myself of the dang hills in this course! I remembered the biggest one, right off the bat, for about a mile up Cramer Road.  It’s pretty ridiculous, and I when I checked my watch after Mile 1, I’m pretty sure it said something close to 11:00!!! Not cool.  And then the rolling hills continue over the 4 remaining miles.  The only thing about an out-and-back course…if you go up a big ass hill, you know you’ll be flying back down it!  Which I did…I think mile 4 split would be something like 8:30 if I’d timed it. 

I didn’t spot the photographer along the course (thankfully, as I wasn’t lookin hot along this pain in the butt course!), but he did catch me in a few pictures..the only clear one I posted below. 

Almost to the finish…not lookin great!

 I do love the idea of starting Thanksgiving with a nice healthy run, but those hills are killer! I honestly don’t know how the people do the 25K race, with even MORE hills.  No, thank you!  I guess I’ll be back next year once I forget how tough this run is!  Oh, and btw my official time was 46:14, so a 9:15 pace.  Not bad for me…and it was a minute and a half faster than last year! Woohoo! 🙂

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