I’m a CrossFit Groupie

Okay, I have a confession to make.  I’m a runner, I love running….but I think I’m a bit of a CrossFit groupie.



You see, about a year and a half ago, I tried CrossFit for the first time.  I purchased an Amazon Local deal for CrossFit Dynamix in Astoria and quickly learned to love/hate CrossFit.  I mean, it’s HARD in such an awesome way.  But it’s also kind of expensive…and at the time I wasn’t in the position to spend the money on the monthly membership.  Not to mention I was pretty wrapped up in running and thought CrossFit might interfere with my first love.  So since then, I’ve kept up with my running.  I cross train with spinning and yoga.  But I admittedly half-ass my strength work.  After getting injured during fall marathon training, I’ve become much more serious about building strength.  I know that strengthening my core, building up my muscles and supporting my joints will do nothing but improve my running.

Although I didn’t sign up for CrossFit back then, I had sampled a drop of the Kool Aid and still haven’t gotten the taste out of my mouth!  I started following CrossFit through social media and learning what I could.  I’ve followed along with bloggers who CF (some of my faves are Lindsay and Tina) and continue to be inspired by their progress.  Strong women are just plain awesome, am I right?!  I also follow CrossFit, The CrossFit Games, different boxes and a few competitors on social media.

Then, almost a year ago, CrossFit re-entered my life when  I started dating someone who was (and still is) drinking the CF Kool Aid hardcore.  Pretty much everyday he “complains” about WODs/Burpees/EMOMs, AMRAPS (huh?), shows off his torn up hands and asks me to massage his sore muscles.  It can get a little annoying…I roll my eyes when I catch him peeking at the daily WOD, I join his family & friends in making fun of him for being obsessed, but to be honest it’s one of the many things that I love about him.  I secretly admire it.  I love that he makes fitness and health a priority, because it definitely is for me too.  I love that he is so dedicated, driven and motivated to improve.  He gets his ass kicked by a workout and still goes back for more.  He’s even gone on to pass his Level 1 CrossFit certification and started coaching at his box.  And all that working out has made him pretty easy on the eyes too… 🙂

So besides bragging about my rockstar boyfriend, where am I going with this?  Well, I started drinking that Kool Aid again this week.  My friend Liz and I bought an Amazon Local deal (in case you can’t tell I love those…) for 12 beginner classes at CrossFit 516 in Mineola, NY and got started on Monday.


I’m a few weeks into training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May and still need to prioritize running, but I’m so pumped to get back to/started again with CrossFit.  We’ve done two workouts so far, I’m super sore and I’m loving it.  Stay tuned to hear more about my MetCons, snatches and cleans….or unfollow me because I’m starting to annoy you already.  😉

Perhaps this time around I’ll stop being a groupie and just join the cult group!


What are your thoughts on CrossFit?  Annoying?  Inspiring?  Want to give it a shot? Let’s chat about it!


9 comments on “I’m a CrossFit Groupie

  1. I went to a couple trial classes last fall and loveeeedd them! So hard but such a good feeling. I got a runner’s high-type feeling afterwards! I’ll have to keep a lookout for some deals though, definitely can’t afford it otherwise! 🙁 I feel like it would be great for making friends in my town too

    • Yes, keep an eye out on Groupon, Amazon local, etc. I’ve seen a bunch! And would definitely help you make some new friends! 🙂

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