NYCM Training: Week 1

It’s official-I’m marathon training again.  You may remember that the first time around didn’t work out well for me, so here’s hoping I make it to the start (and finish) of my marathon this time around.  Although I felt good starting out last year, I’m in an even better place physically and mentally and I feel confident in my training. Week 1 started off really well, with 3 runs, 3 WODs and 1 well-deserved rest day.  Here’s the recap:

Monday: CrossFit.  I got the week started on a good note by getting to the 6am class.  We did some warm-ups and stretching then got into the WOD: 4 rounds each for time, with 5 min rest between: 350m row, 20 KB swings (35lb), 15 thrusters (45lb for me), 10 toes-to-bar (Knees-to-chest for me) We didn’t time this very well, as I only got through 3 of my rounds by the time it hit 7am.  I couldn’t finish and make it to work on time, so I ended up with only 3 rounds–4:21, 4:42, 4:41–but it still kicked my ass.

Tuesday: 4 miles with 10 x 1min @ 8:30pace.  My weather app read 100% humidity outside, so I took it to the treadmill to bang this one out.  I can’t lie…I kind of liked the speed work because it made an otherwise dreadful treadmill run go by faster!

Wednesday: CrossFit.  Blegh.  The workout was a warm-up of rowing/jump roping, followed by skill work on Turkish Get Ups, finished off with a 2000m row for time.  Awful!  Seriously…if you don’t know what a Turkish Get Up is, check this out.  Only I did mine using a dumb bell, not a human being.  I finished the row in 8:40, which I’m happy with…though it’s nothing like what I could’ve done when I was on the crew team in high school.

Thursday: CrossFit.  Thank goodness I met a new friend, Meredith at 6am class and we partnered up for this tough workout: {Hi, Meredith, if you’re reading!} team I can’t remember our exact finish time, but I think it was 26:xx-ish?  Whatever the time, it was tough…and the “resting” plank situation was particularly brutal!

Friday: 3 easy miles

Saturday: 10 mile long run.  I drove to Cedar Creek Park and ran the bikepath to Jones Beach and back.  It was overcast and a little breezy, so pretty much perfect weather for a summer long run.

IMG_7597[1] Coach had given me a few fast miles in this long run, so it was supposed to look like 4 easy, 1 @ 9:00, 4 easy, last 1 @ 9:00.  My splits were: 10:18, 10:03, 10:12, 10:07, 8:58 (break to refill water and snap some beach photos), 10:34, 10:23, 9:58, 10:01, 8:49. I’m pretty happy with that!

Sunday: Rest! I slept 10 hours Saturday night and soaked up every second of rest day. Week 1 mileage: 18 Awesome start to what will hopefully be an awesome training cycle.

What’d you get done this week?  Long run?  Plank for hours? 😉 Tell me about it… 3BF677B952DD960A6BD0AC1DAE295ADF

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  1. This post makes me SO HAPPY and SO EXCITED for you, buddy!!! It’s only week one and you’re absolutely KILLING IT already. I’m already proud of you. I ran 6 miles on Friday and held a side plank (with #unbrokenwing) for 25 seconds. Even though this training season isn’t what I expected (I expected to be out there crushing it with my favorite running buddy), I’m happy to be “training” alongside you! When you’re ready for a nice easy, long run I’ll be here waiting!!!!! Love you buddy! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

  2. I’m so excited for you!! The NYC Marathon is on my bucket list and I’m hoping I can get in for 2016!! I think it would be an amazing (and very memorable) first marathon!! That’s awesome you’re keeping up with Crossfit as well– you’re going to rock it!! Good luck with this week’s training 🙂

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