NYCM Training: Week 6



Here we are.  10 weeks away from the marathon! Beth likes to send me these countdown tweets, which I try to pretend not to see.  Although I’m obviously recapping my training each week, I really have tried not to think too much about the race.  I know it will sneak up on me soon enough and I like to take it one week at a time with training.  Sometimes one day at a time.  Things are still going well and I’m feeling strong.  Knock. On. Wood.  Here’s Week 6:

Monday 8/18: CrossFit.  This. Workout. Was. Brutal.  


I only went to one WOD last week, so this one was particularly tough to come back to.  I did better than expected, finishing Jackie in 11:20 (with 35lb barbell and pull-up bands) and part 2 in 10:58 (using pull-up bands and 25lb kettle bell).  

Tuesday 8/19: 6 miles, including 2 mile repeats (8:18, 8:17).

Wednesday 8/20: 4 easy miles (10:22 avg pace) + 4 strides 

Thursday 8/21: CrossFit.  For this partner WOD, I teamed up with Meredith and Astrid, both of whom are training to run the NYC Marathon also!  They’re total CrossFit rockstars and I loved partnering up with such motivating and inspiring girls.  The workout was:

For time:
10 Box jumps (5 rep increments)
20 Wall balls (10 rep inc)
30 Push-ups (5 rep increments)
Run 800 m
30 Box jumps (5 reps increments)
40 Wall balls (10 rep increments)
50 Push-ups (5 rep increments)
Run 800 m
50 Box jumps (5 rep increments)
60 Wall balls (10 rep increments)
70 Push-ups (5 rep increments)

We finished in 22:11 and then added on a 800m cool down.  

Friday 8/22: Rest

Saturday 8/23: 14 miles.  I was dreading a solo long run, so decided to drive into Manhattan and run with my favorite running buddy, Beth.  I did 7 solo miles in Central Park before meeting her on the West side.  We also ran into Ashley, who was nice enough to slow down and run with us a few miles up to the Little Red Lighthouse.  


Thank goodness for these ladies! I’m pretty sure my 14 miles would have been a wreck if not for them.  My Garmin was acting up again…so I don’t have an average pace for the entire run, but I did reset my watch to clock the faster miles (7 & 14) which ended up being 8:50 and 8:53.  I carried my Fuelbelt handheld water bottle which I refilled about 3 times and I took Gu Chomps at around 5 miles and 9 miles.  I added those Salt Stick pills every 30 minutes and guess what?! No headache. 🙂

Sunday 8/24: I was supposed to do 3 recovery miles, but spent the day eating and drinking with boyfriend and his family instead.  Oops!?

Weekly totals: 25.5 miles, 2 CrossFit classes, 2 rest days

This week is going to be a little bit tougher to squeeze in training, between work, travel and celebrating my friend Julia’s wedding all weekend!  Stay tuned…


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  1. YES! NO HEADACHES! I’m trying to get Brian to fuel properly because he’s a headache sufferer now too 🙁 (I shove electrolyte pills at him on the regular) So glad you had a great balance of fun running and fun relaxing this weekend.

  2. I so look forward to these recaps every Monday. Another awesome week in the books! SO HAPPY we got to do our long runs together this weekend, favorite running buddy. I wish we could do them together EVERY week. You are so strong (I now know just how strong from trying to chase you for a mile, speedster) and your training is going so well. Don’t be afraid of my texts and countdowns…it’s just a countdown until you CRUSH THIS MARATHON!!!!!!!!! Everything happens for a reason. You are going to have such a strong and amazing first marathon experience and I can’t wait to be there cheering for you.

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