A Drop-in at CrossFit Shadyside

One of my favorite things to do when traveling for work is find local CrossFit gyms to check out.  (You can check out my last drop-in adventures here).  Lucky for me, when I was recently in Pittsburgh, I found one less than 2 blocks from my hotel!  CrossFit Shadyside is a cool little box, which according to coach Erin, has grown from a few friends working out in a single garage space to the thriving box it is today.



I took a chance and dropped into a 6:00am class and was welcomed right in.  There were probably only 5 people in the class, so Erin was able to give a lot of critique and help to everyone, which I appreciate.  The gym itself was clean, organized and had some great storage space for things like med balls and ropes.  There’s also an extra lounge area with a couch where it seems like everyone leaves their stuff, so it’s not in the way during workouts.IMG_9418[1]





One of my favorite parts of the gym is their “Box Rules”, which gives great tips for both beginners and seasoned CrossFitters.  Getting comfortable being uncomfortable is my new thing, so I can relate to the rules! 🙂IMG_9415[1]

So what about the workout?  Coach Erin had us start with 10 minutes of mobility work (rolling, stretching), followed by 4 rounds of max effort Handstand Push-Ups (for me, modified by using a box), 2 minutes rest, then 8 bent over rows (using barbell), 30 russian twists (I used a 20lb med ball).  Next, we did max effort 1000 m row, rest 5 minutes and finished with the WOD (Workout of the Day): 4 RFT (rounds for time) of 3 push presses (85% of our 1 rep maximum weight) and 15 toes-to-bar (knees to chest for me).

After the workout, I scooped up some Shadyside t-shirts for boyfriend and myself and Erin showed me around the upstairs martial arts area, which looked awesome.  I really appreciate CrossFit Shadyside welcoming me in and giving me a kickass workout.  If you’re ever in the Pittsburgh area, be sure to check them out! I know I’ll be back.

What’s your favorite way to workout during travel?  Favorite box?  Go!