NYCM Training: Week 15

Hey hey!  It’s race week!!! In just 6 days, I’ll be a marathoner and I couldn’t be more excited for Sunday to get here.  Last week, I came down with a cold which derailed a few of my workouts, and now I’m struggling with some hip tightness, but I’m trying to stay positive and get pumped.  Here are my workouts from last week:

Monday 10/20: Rest

Tuesday 10/21: 5 miles (1 warm-up, 9:30, 9:15, 9:00, 8:45).  Although I loved using my previous long run to explore Atlanta, I kept this run to the hotel treadmill.  I woke up feeling the beginnings of a cold and decided it’d be easier to stop if needed on a treadmill.  I did some pre-run yoga and stretching to open up my tight hips and pretty much nailed my paces.


Wednesday 10/22: Rest

Thursday 10/23: 60 minutes yoga.  I skipped my scheduled run due to the cold, and somehow convinced boyfriend to spend our date night doing a yoga video with me.  We both have hip issues, so Heavenly Hip Openers was on tap!  It wasn’t meditative or relaxing at ALL, because someone kept whining and swearing instead of focusing on breath, but I still got an awesome stretch in.

Friday 10/24: Rest.  I woke up and didn’t feel worse, so decided to try for a run.  I got dressed, walked Rocky, laced up my shoes and ran 0.05 miles before turning around and jumping right back into bed. 

Saturday 10/25: 8 miles (9:51 average pace).  This was tough the whole time and my left hip was super tight/sore.


Sunday 10/26: Rest and lots of rolling/stretching.

Weekly totals: 13 miles, 1 yoga workout, 4 rest days. 

I don’t feel totally stressed about this significant drop in mileage, but I’m also not thrilled about it either.  I know I’m capable of running this marathon and that resting vs. running was the best choice for me both with my cold and my hip issue.  But it’s still tough after a solid training cycle.  Later this week I’ll be sharing another post with my reflections on this training cycle and thoughts leading up to the race.  Stay tuned!


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  1. “In just 6 days, I’ll be a marathoner.” THAT. IS. ALL. Love you, buddy! All of your hard work has paid off and Sunday will be a victory lap for you! I can’t WAIT to welcome you into this club!!!!! Oh, and cheer like a crazy person for you! Obviously. Keep believing in yourself! Or I will just do it for you.

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