Back at It!

Happy Monday!  Today I’m sharing my return to workouts after the marathon. Last Monday, 8 days after the NYC Marathon, I went on an amazing 45 minute run/hike while in Connecticut for work.  I was staying in Danbury and headed over to Tarrywile Park for some outdoor fun.





Then on Friday, I kicked off my weekend with a CrossFit workout and boy, was it an eye-opener!  I hadn’t done a CrossFit workout in almost exactly a month and was only doing 1-2 classes a week in my last few weeks of training.  So Friday after work, I dropped in for boyfriend’s class at CrossFit Lighthouse.  No one else showed up for the class, so I ended up getting a one-on-one coaching sesh-sweet!  

After stretching, he had me warm up with a 750m row at my own easy pace.  Then we worked on building up to a 3-rep max weight front squat.  In my first few months of CrossFit, I focused more on endurance than lifting, so I wasn’t really sure what my base or max might be!  I ended up getting up to 75lb, before I could no longer clean the weight to my shoulders to attempt the squat.  Sound like gibberish?  A “clean” is an explosive CrossFit movement where you bring an object (in this case, barbell) from the ground to your shoulders.  Here’s a video explanation from Reebok CrossFit One.  I’m pumped to focus more on these movements in the next few months!

The WOD (Workout of the Day) was as follows:

400m run

50/25/10: Air squats, sit-ups, push-ups (so 50 of each movement, then 25 of each movement, 10 of each movement…)

400m run


The run felt wobbly, despite only being a half mile total.  The air squats came easy but I seriously struggled with the push-ups.  After only 20 push-ups (on my knees of course), I had to start breaking up the reps and resting.  Boyfriend was great and encouraged me to keep at it.  When I took a break, he’d count to 5 and I had to start again.  I couldn’t help but laugh at myself, because while I knew the push-ups would be my major weakness, I had no idea they would be that tough!

Let me tell you, it’s now Monday morning and I’m still sore from that WOD on Friday night.  I’m traveling in Massachusetts for work and hoping to drop in to a local box this afternoon! Stay tuned!

Tell me: how do you ease into workouts after a big race? What’s your weakness in strength training? Upper body, like me?



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  1. I have a WEAK upper body! I seriously need to start incorporating more strength training into my life! I usually take a few days off after any race distance (usually 2-3 days but up to a week!) I’m sure it’ll be longer when I do a marathon next year 😉

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