Massapequa Turkey Trot 2014 Recap

Happy December everyone!  The holiday season is now is full swing now, with Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas just 24 days away.  Boyfriend and I put up our tree last night and it makes such a difference in my spirit seeing those twinkling lights!  Before I go full holiday cheermeister, let’s rewind back to Turkey Day with my Turkey Trot Recap.


This year was my first Long Island Thanksgiving, and as such I obviously signed up for a Turkey Trot.  The Massapequa Turkey Trot is a 5k (3.1 mile) course that starts and finishes in John J. Burns Park and includes an out-and-back on some neighborhood streets.  I had signed up by myself, but was pleasantly surprised to find out that my friend Emily (you may remember her from my cousin’s guest posts about running with Team In Training) was also signed up!  Hi, Emily! 🙂


I arrived about an hour early for the race, because I wasn’t sure what parking would be like and I wanted to squeeze in a warm up.  It was pretty cold and windy down by the water and by the time the race started, snow flurries were falling!  I only ended up doing a one mile warm-up and then got back into my car because I was cold. #Baby, I know! 

I met up with Emily for a few minutes and we listened to the race director speak about the race, which donates a significant portion of the proceeds to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Gotta love races that support charities!  After the National Anthem, we moved over to the start to line up.  They had signs to help people organize into pace groups/corrals…7:00 min/mile pace, 8:00 min/mile pace, etc.  My favorite was toward the back and said something like “Still wish I was in bed pace”. Cute!  Before we knew it, we were off!  

I should’ve wiggled my way up a little further in the group, because I spent the first half mile or so bobbing and weaving to get into a comfortable groove, but once I did I felt good.  Despite being cold at the start, after a mile in I was plenty warm and even debated taking off my ear warmers.  I hate being hot!  The route was quick (don’t 5ks always seem like they’re over in a flash!?) and there were a few spectators out on their lawns.  Mile markers were just people with stopwatches shouting out current time, which I loved.  I really didn’t care what pace I was running, but knew my competitive edge was taking over a bit.  I started out slow then picked up the pace until it was comfortably hard and really kicked it at the end to pick off some runners in front of me.   



I snapped a picture of my Garmin of course, but my official finish time was 28:03 (9:02 pace).  I’m shocked how fast (for me) I was able to run this race.  My hip definitely felt tight and uncomfortable at some points, but otherwise I felt like I had some power in my legs!  The race itself was very well organized and fun to run.  I really need to sign up for more low-key races like these, vs. NYRR ones which tend to stress me out.  Note to self!

My only negative thought about this race has to do with parking.  Remember when I said I didn’t know how parking would be?  Turns out it took me 2 seconds to park right near the start, which ended up being a big mistake.  Some people opted to park in the parking lot of the shopping center across the street, but I didn’t realize why until after I was done running.  The parking lot was right where the race started and finished, so the exit was closed to traffic and I wasn’t able to leave until about 30 minutes after the race finished for everyone.  Lesson learned for next year! 😉  The good news?  This race had hot chocolate at the finish in addition to bagels and bananas!  So I sat in the car sipping hot chocolate and listening to Taylor Swift while I waited to get out of the lot…not a bad start to Thanksgiving morning if you ask me! 

How was your Thanksgiving?  Did you do a Turkey Trot too? Tell me about it!




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  1. It sounds like an awesome race! We don’t have any Thanksgiving races (for Canadian Thanksgiving) but I wish we did! I like the idea of burning some calories before eating a big feast LOL! Good job on your time too!! So speedy!! 🙂

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