Some Not-So-Unhealthy Foods & NYC Eats

Hi friends.  I have a couple of things to share today, all food-related!  First, I was recently quoted in a piece on titled “10 ‘Unhealthy’ Foods That Aren’t So Bad For You”.  Click to read the whole article, but basically I talk to some foods that have a bad reputation, such as butter and egg yolks, and why they don’t need to be avoided after all.  It’s all about focusing on eating whole read foods with minimal ingredients and enjoying a treat every once in a while!  

And speaking of good food, let’s talk about some of the yummy stuff I’ve been eating lately in and around NYC.  Some of these are delicious healthy meals and some are those occasional treats.  Check it out…

BareBurger (Astoria, Queens)-This place is a fave of mine and I rarely even go for a “burger” there!  The menu is all organic, non-GMO and they feature antibiotic and hormone-free meats.  I always opt for a veggie meal, and lately I’ve been loving their salads!  The one pictured below is the “Cali Fresh” with baby kale, red quinoa, grape tomatoes, watermelon radish (LOVE), onions, alfalfa sprouts, cauliflower hummus (WHAT?) topped with a lemon tahini dressing.  This meal couldn’t be any more “me” if it tried! YUM!

City Bakery (Manhattan)-I’ve been here twice in the last few weeks and enjoyed some delicious breakfast.  They have awesome breakfast (including muffins and pretzel croissants) and lunch options that are very veggie/health minded.  Oh, and they were voted the Best Hot Chocolate in NYC!  It’s like melted chocolate in a mug.  With a gigantic homemade marshmallow.  Amazing.

ABC Kitchen (Manhattan)-If you’re a foodie, I probably don’t need to tell you about this Jean-Georges restaurant.  It features locally sourced, organic and seasonal foods and it is delicious!  I went with my boss and another RD in my company and we split a few items…all of which were incredible.  

Roasted kabocha squash toast with fresh ricotta and apple cider vinegar:

Butternut squash soup with ginger, lemon and pumpkin seeds:

Whole wheat pizza with brussels sprouts, garlic, jalapenos and lemon:


The Doughnut Plant (Manhattan)-This is obviously one of those treats I was talking about.  Donuts made fresh daily with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and wildy tempting seasonal flavors made it very tough for me to choose.  I went with a Carrot Cake donut which was incredibly sweet and had lots of real carrot, raisins and walnuts!  

Dig Inn (Manhattan)-Boyfriend and I stopped here last weekend for a late lunch and I didn’t snap pictures, but I thought it was worth mentioning.  I love their farm-to-counter approach with lots of seasonal and fresh ingredients.  There are 10 locations in NYC, so not hard to find good, healthy eats!

The Meatball Shop (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)-Holy balls, this place is good.  The name might throw off some vegetarians, but not me.  I opted for the Meatball Smash with veggie balls, pesto and mozzarella and I couldn’t gobble it up fast enough.  The salad was a perfect compliment to my sammie and I split a side of roasted veggies with boyfriend for good measure.  Talk about a vegetarian in food heaven!


Okay, with all this talk of food I’m ready for snack time!  Have a great day, everyone!  

TELL ME:  What’s your favorite place to eat in NYC or in your city?  What’s your go-to “treat”…donuts? Ice cream?  Hot chocolate?


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  1. This post made me hungry and craving that hot chocolate like whoa! It also made me a little sad….why are you here so much and I never see you? Miss you buddy! Come eat delicious stuff in NYC with ME! 😉

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