My Year in Running: 2014

Each year, Amanda hosts a great round-up of “Year in Running” posts from running bloggers across the internet.  I participated in 2012 and again last year …so you bet I’m back for 2014! This was a big year for me in running: I completed my first marathon, PR’ed in my half marathon and ran stronger than I ever have before.  Check out my year in running below and join in by reviewing YOUR year and linking up over at Miss Zippy’s blog!


Best race experience? This one is easy…The Brooklyn Half, where I ran  strong race, snagged a PR and went sub-2 hours.  I also ran with my buddy, Kara and we celebrated with some delicious beers post-race.  Perfection!

I miss you, Kara!!!

Best run? 16 solo miles on the Erie Canal.  About halfway through my NYC Marathon training, I was upstate for my good friend’s wedding and had to sneak in a long run.  It ended up being my favorite run all year, with no music and just me and the gorgeous upstate surroundings. 

 Best new piece of gear?  Lululemon Tracker II Short.  Technically, I owned a pair of these already, but they became my go-to running short for marathon training and I bought two more pairs!  


Lulu shorts for 20 miles!

Best piece of running advice you received? Don’t think, just run.  Funny how this is from the same person who gave me the best advice last buddy Beth!  She really helped me get out of my own head and got me through some tough workouts this year!

Most inspirational runner? Ashley.  This girl is super modest, but works hard and it shows.  She is fast as hell, just BQ’ed in Richmond and PRed by almost 20 minutes! So proud of her and motivated by her badassery!

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Redemption and strength.

Your turn: answer one or all of the questions in the comments below! And don’t forget to link up to Amanda’s blog!


3 comments on “My Year in Running: 2014

  1. GAH! I loved this post, as usual. This year was amazing for you. You are proof that hard work and dedication pay off in big ways. I love that you said you can sum up your year as redemption and strength. I’m, of course,tearing up. You always inspire me. Next year I will think of you, as I always do anyway, and remember how hard you worked this year, how strong you made your body, and the incredible comeback you had after the disappointing end of 2013. Love you, buddy! More than words can say. Cheers to an incredible year!

  2. Nice! I love the sounds of that run on the Erie Canal. Sometimes the best are those where we’re really tapping into our surroundings and the run itself. And yes, taking the thinking out of it is great advice! Thanks for playing along.

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