15.1 Recap

Hi friends! I’m back to share my experience with 15.1 and 15.1a of the CrossFit Open.  I wrote about the workout here on Friday, but here’s a reminder of what the scaled version looked like:



I obviously watched Rich Froning and Matt Fraser compete immediately after the announcement, so I could see some of their strategy at work. Don’t know who they are?  Oh, only some of the fittest (& hottest) dudes out there.  Proof:



I also cheered on a few people doing the workout at our gym on Friday night, so I was able to pick up on their strategies too.  By the time Sunday rolled around, I was as ready as I could be.  One thing I haven’t mentioned on here yet is that I’ve been having some nagging pain/tightness/weird feelings in my right shoulder.  It only happens when I am performing overhead movements and has been an on-and-off thing since starting CrossFit last May.  It doesn’t hurt with every rep, it doesn’t happen every workout, etc so I have sort of been ignoring it, like an idiot.  On Friday, we were working on Clean & Jerks, and I decided to attempt a one-rep max because I hadn’t yet established one and knowing it before attempting 15.1 is sort of important.  I worked up to 100 pounds, but started feeling that shoulder weirdness and stopped there.  I immediately started googling shoulder issues and self-diagnosed all sorts of things: rotator cuff tear, tendonitis, etc.  I rested Saturday and my shoulder felt okay (as it usually does when I’m not lifting weight overhead), so I hit up the gym on Sunday for the Open workout as planned.  So many people were doing the workout Sunday, so CF buddy Liz and I ended up in the last heat of the day.  We got nice and warmed up, then proceeded to cool down by watching/cheering everyone else on.  Oops.  

Quick side-note before I get into the actual workout: I got my first ever toes-to-bar during our warm-up!!!! I hadn’t really tried in a while and decided to give it a shot to see if I could and I just DID it!  I’m so pumped! Using them in workouts and starting to string them together will be another story…So without further ado, my 15.1 experience:

My strategy was to start the first part slower than I wanted to and just not stop moving.  I started with unbroken knee raises (15 reps) and dead lifts (10 reps).  I’m not 100% comfortable with snatches and have never done 55lb snatches in a workout, I opted to do clean & jerks instead, as scaled division rules allowed any ground-to-overhead movement.  I also broke those up each rep (5 total), which wasted a little time.  But I figured who cares, this is my first go-round with the open!?  As other people have noted, the first 9 minutes totally flew by.  I remember feeling confused in the first round or two, as I barely felt out of breath.  I thought this doesn’t seem so bad…”. Wrong.  After the second round, I broke up the knee raises 6-5-4 and then 5-4-3-3.  My forearms were tightening up and it seemed like I spent a lot of time looking at the bar, debating whether I could even grab it if I jumped.  When the clock hit 9:00, I had finished finished 5 rounds and made it through 3 of the “snatches” in the sixth round for a total of 178 reps.  

I took about 90 seconds to get my bar set and take some breaths before my first clean and jerk attempt.  Based on my 100lb max (as of Friday) and my shoulder weirdness, I decided to start with 75lb.  It went up quickly and easily.  I took a few seconds and made a second attempt with 85lb, which also went up no problem.  To be honest, my brain wasn’t functioning at that point and I just listened to my judge as he told me what weights to add to the bar.  I struggled with getting the clips on and off the barbell, just because my forearms were shot.  My third attempt was 95lb and I cleaned it no problem, but failed to jerk it overhead.  I knew it was mental, because I just feel unsure of myself in a split jerk movement.  So I quickly went after it again and hit it.  With a little over a minute left, I added my final weights and waited until about 30 seconds left to go for it.  It wasn’t pretty, but I hit a 105lb C&J!  

15.1Final score: 178 reps/105 lb (scaled).  I’m super happy with that, especially the clean & jerk PR.  My shoulder felt pretty good the whole time and I’m starting to think it’s more of a weakness/mobility issue.  But just in case, I have a doctors appointment and a chiropractor appointment scheduled.  In the meantime, the plan is to really get my shoulders loosened up before workouts and focus on strengthening them. 

Overall thoughts on my first open workout…? I loved it!  It was nowhere near as bad as I was fearing expecting.  I really did have fun and accomplished so much more than I thought I would.  I have to say, although I knew I’d be doing the scaled option, I’m still surprised that I was capable of doing all the movements/weights that popped up in 15.1.  Let’s see what 15.2 has in store! Eek!

Also, big shout out/congrats to Liz for her first Open workout too! I basically forced her into signing up, but she totally rocked it and also got a C&J PR! Boom!

Your turn:  Are you doing the Open?  How did you do in 15.1?  What do you think is in store with 15.2??