15.2 Recap

Two workouts down, three left to go in the CrossFit Open.  If you’re just tuning in, be sure to check out my initial thoughts on the open and my experience with 15.1.  

FullSizeRenderI don’t have any pics from 15.2 and this pic has absolutely nothing to do with that workout, but let’s just go with it…k?  I just received a Perchmount to review (& giveaway! Yay!), so I tested it out on Monday with some squatting and then during the WOD. Check that out over on my Instagram!  


15.2 15.2scaled

The workout was an ascending ladder of overhead squats and pull-ups and when it was announced, I knew immediately it would be trouble for me.  I can’t do a regular pull-up (without bands) yet, so forget chest-to-bar pull-ups!  And that nagging shoulder thing was making me anxious about the overhead squats.  Basically I knew without even doing the workout that my score would either be 10 (if I could pull off Rx) or 6 (scaled).  We all know I’m not great with anything overhead and I didn’t really want to push myself too hard given the recent shoulder issue, so scaled it was!  

I quickly came to terms with my “official score”, but wanted to try this workout double-scaled (with a pull-up band) and see how I could do.  The clock started and I quickly snatched the 45-lb overhead, going unbroken for my first 6 overhead squats.  Boom.  Looking back, I sort of wish I went for Rx and tried the 65-lb OH squats just to see if I could do them.  BUT I know I made the right choice, given my current back situation and the fact that I wanted to get a workout in (not just 6 or 10 reps).  

Just to say I gave it a go, I tried my best to do a pull-up without the band.  When I didn’t get it, I got into the band and continued my first 3:00 round.  I finished it with about a minute of rest time and then moved onto the second round.  This time, I had 3 minutes to do 2 rounds of 8 overhead squats and 8 pull-ups.  I finished that, with a little rest time.  Then it was onto 2 rounds of 10 reps each movement.  The squats were getting harder for me, and I had to fight to keep the weight overhead with my arms locked out.  But honestly, the pull-ups were the harder movement for me.  My forearms were tightening up and I had to break the pull-ups into 1 and 2 reps.  At the 12:00 mark, I started the 2 rounds of 12 reps, really struggling with the overhead squats.  I got through 12 OHS and jumped on the rig to fight for a few pull-ups.  I got in 6 before the 3:00 round was over.  

So my official scaled score was 6, but I’m glad I pushed on with my extra-scaled version.  It gave me a little taste of what it might feel like when I progress a little more.  Either way, I’m proud of my effort in 15.2 and can’t wait to see where I’m at with this WOD in a year or so.  Now it’s onto 15.3, which will be announced tonight.  Rumors are swirling it will include pistols (I can’t do) and double-unders (I can’t do a few)…but we shall see! 🙂

Your turn: Workout selfies/recordings…yay or nay?! Would you use a Perchmount?  And CrossFitters: What did you think of 15.2?  What is your prediction for 15.3?