Ouch! My 15.3 Recap

I don’t know why this post has been so tough for me to write, but it has.  You see, I tackled 15.3 first thing Friday morning and it’s now Wednesday!  I guess I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to write about my experience in 15.3 at first, but now I’ve had a few days of extremely sore quads to ponder it.  So here goes!  

When Dave Castro first made the announcement on Thursday, everyone knew that this workout would be the one to separate the average joe’s from the real CF Games competitors.  The Rx (as prescribed, or as written) workout included muscle-ups, a tough movement that not every athlete can do.  The scaled version of 15.3 completely eliminated this movement and didn’t even provide a scaled substitute, which got a lot of people talking.  Some said that 15.3 Rx was too hard but complained that 15.3 scaled was too easy.  Seriously, people?  Unless you’re an elite, meaning you probably can do a muscle-up, stop the complaining!  Here’s what the scaled version looked like:  


As a newer CrossFitter only here to compete against myself, I was honestly kind of excited about this one.  Watching Julie Foucher and Lauren Brooks go head-to-head on this one, I knew it would be a total burner.  Fourteen minutes is a LONG time, muscle-ups or not.  But I like don’t hate wall balls and am pretty efficient with my jump roping, so I felt good going into this.  My only strategy was to try to control my breathing and keep moving.  

The scaled workout called for a 10-lb wall ball and I’m used to doing workouts with the 14-lb ball, so that gave me a little mental boost.  Turns out, those 4 pounds did not make any difference!  The 10 pound ball was plenty heavy after the first 50 reps.  When the clock started, I went right into 10 reps of the wall balls.  I took a quick breath and picked the ball back up.  I tried for another 10, but got to 7 and dropped it.  I ended up breaking the reps into groups of 6 and 7, rather than 10 like I originally planned.  Boyfriend was coaching and I listened to his cues…”a few breaths and get back on that ball!” 

The first round seemed like it went by pretty fast, though I wasn’t really paying attention to the clock.  I truly had no idea what my goal reps would be for the workout before I started, so my plan remained to just keep moving.  The second round I broke up the wall balls into 5 reps.  I tried to bring it back up to 6 or 7, but ended up no-repping a few times.  After each chunk, I’d take a deep breath and immediately pick the ball back up.  I used the jump roping as my chance to recover my breath.  

15.3 a

I finished 15.3 with an official score of 750 reps (aka exactly 3 full rounds).  I finished my last single under with one second left on the clock and spend the next 5 minutes sucking wind recovering.  Though I don’t think I could have done it again in the 3 days before the submissions were due (holy sore quads!), I wouldn’t go back and re-do this one.  I think my strategy worked really well for me and I was more than happy with my reps.  And now I’ll spend the next year gaining strength and learning muscle-ups! 😉

Your turn:  Did you do 15.3?  Non-believers—did you understand any of my CrossFit jargon? What are your best tips for sore muscles?


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  1. I got the jargon…I think 😉 I can’t jump rope, therefore I could never cross fit. I took a series of classes with Stephanie and the trainer actually gave up on my jump roping. Brian is ashamed of my non skills. 200 IS A LOT. GO YOU! I’m glad you’re able to get back out there. Hope you’re feeling well!

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