A Drop-In at CF RedZone & 15.4

Last week, I was up in Connecticut for work and decided to do a drop-in at a local CF gym.  Have I mentioned I love checking out different boxes?  A google search revealed a few different boxes in the area, so I went with the one that had the best reviews and an awesome story.  CrossFit RedZone is run by two brothers…one is a National Pro Grid League athlete, the other is an Air Force vet. Also, the box is in Newtown, Connecticut and is dedicated to raising money for the Sandy Hook PTSA.  Good stuff!


I dropped into CrossFit RedZone for the 7am class on Friday morning, assuming the workout would be 15.4, just announced Thursday night.  I was right. Here’s what the scaled 15.4 looks like:


 When it was announced, I knew this workout would be doable for me, but it wouldn’t be great.  That lingering shoulder tightness means I don’t typically do overhead movements with a lot of weight.  And the clean is my Achilles heel.  I have made a ton of progress, but for some reason, I really can’t get this movement down.

When I walked into CrossFit RedZone, I was immediately welcomed by coach Eamonn and after signing the waiver, we got started warming up.  I love gyms/coaches that make sure your warm up helps you get ready for the workout and also incorporates mobility work.  After we were good and warmed up, the other woman in class and I got our weights set up and did a few reps to get a feel for it.  Then, the clock started and we got to work.  In those 8 minutes, I got through 3 full rounds plus an additional 18 reps!  Soooo close to completing a 4th round, but I just didn’t have it in me.  The push presses felt heavy and I kept breaking to catch my breath, holding the bar in the front rack position.  I broke the cleans up into sets of 2 and then moved to 1 rep at a time.  

Having no real expectations and no idea of how many reps anyone else doing scaled had gotten, I felt good about my score.  I thanked Coach Eamonn, chatted for a bit, bought RedZone tees for the boyfriend and myself, then headed off to get ready for work.  I snapped some pics of the gym, to give you an idea of the space.  It’s a pretty big box and has a large area with lockers, bathrooms and showers, which is always great.  They also offer spin classes and have bikes in one section, which I would love! 

image3 (2) image5

image4 image7

 All in all, I had a great experience at CrossFit RedZone and I highly recommend dropping in if you’re in the area.  I’ll be back when I’m around.

Even though I was initially content with my score, I decided to take another stab at 15.4 on Sunday with CrossFit buddy Liz.  Having done it once already gave me a little advantage because I could make changes and I knew when to push myself a little harder.  Coach Jenn at CrossFit Lighthouse also told me to make sure to string together my push presses (which I definitely didn’t do well the first time around).  Gosh, I hate overhead movements!  Liz and I tackled the workout bright and early Sunday and I managed to eek out 17 more reps than my first attempt!!!  When I got to 78 reps, Jenn reminded me that I just crushed my initial score.  It seemed unreal that I still had more than a minute left to get reps in.  Having her there to push me and make sure I wasn’t resting between push presses made all the difference.  Let me tell you, I was smoked after those 8 minutes!  But of course, super excited and proud that I beat that first attempt!


And speaking of being proud, let’s brag about CF buddy Liz.  She didn’t realize before the workout (and I obviously didn’t remind her…), but she had never done a WOD using those weights for push presses or cleans!  And she killed it!  It goes to show you, sometimes in CrossFit, ignorance is bliss!  If she had known those weights were heavy for her, she would’ve gone into the workout thinking she couldn’t do it.  It’s such a mental game!  

And with that, we have just one week left in the Open!  There is a lot of speculation about what the last workout will be and predictions that it will include brutal movements like burpees, box jumps and thrusters.  We haven’t seen any of those in the first 4 weeks, so chances are certainly high!  I think I wouldn’t mind box jumps, but I’m definitely not a fan of burpees or thrusters, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.  

Your turn: What’s your most least favorite CrossFit/workout movement?  What is your prediction for 15.5?  Let me hear it!