The Truth

The truth is…sometimes life is hard.  I’ve worked pretty hard in the last few years to keep a positive outlook and build a better/happier life.  But it’s not always sunshine and rainbows.  It’s tough to exist in this social media world, feeling inadequate if we’re not keeping up.   I haven’t been dedicating time to this blog and although I think only like two people have noticed {Hi, Beth! :)}, it makes me sad.  Writing this blog is definitely an outlet for me and I love sharing all the awesome opportunities I have, the fun workouts I do and the good stuff I’m eating!  But I’m struggling to get anything posted here because I feel like I’m faking it.

The truth is…I’m pretty overwhelmed right now.  Work is great, but it can be busy and demanding.  I’m working through some personal stuff too and definitely not taking good care of myself.  I’m fitting in exercise, but haven’t been eating well (hello, bachelorette party weekend treats/booze!) and I definitely haven’t been sleeping enough. Oh, and we’re buying a house.  Holy crap, we’re buying a house!!!   Life can sure throw us some curve balls, huh?  

The truth is…things could always be worse.  As hard as it gets, life is good.  I have some incredible family and friends who support me and lift me up.  I feel lucky to be able to CrossFit, run or practice yoga as my stress release.  I’ve also been meditating, which has changed my world.  I keep meaning to write about it on here, but I downloaded the Mindfulness App on my iPhone and use it daily.  You can listen to guided meditations and set alerts throughout the day to take a step back, breathe and center yourself.  It’s awesome.  

So to my few readers, bear with me if I’m not as present.  I do have a lot of half-written posts and product reviews coming at ya, but it might take some time for me to hit “publish” and feel good about what I’ve written.  For now, it’s a lot easier to be active on Instagram, so be sure to follow me there too!  I posted a quote from one of my fave country songs the other day, which seems perfectly appropro now:



No, life ain’t always beautiful…but it’s a beautiful ride! 


8 comments on “The Truth

  1. Great post, Kim. These are the things that aren’t always easy to admit, and I totally know how you feel. There are some weeks when I just feel like I suck at everything, and it helps to read things like this and remember that its all about perspective. Life is good! Thanks for hitting publish on this one 🙂

  2. I’m so proud of you for being so brave and honest. Sometimes life IS hard but you’re doing pretty good buddy! You post whenever feels right to you and doesn’t add stress and I will keep reading. ALWAYS! Beak Up!

  3. I understand. I drug myself through the Open when I could feel myself loosing steam. Right when that was over I got a sinus infection which I still haven’t fully overcome. I feel sapped of energy for almost everything, blog included. But let’s hang in their, our blogs are extensions and outlets of our selves. We can use them for good or we can just press pause and they will be there waiting when we get life back into some sort of order!

  4. I definitely did notice you were absent but I know how life can get in the way! Take care of you and we will be here waiting…

    I can’t wait to hear about your new house!!

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