My Last Place Finish

So at the gym last night, I had a few “firsts”.  My first hand rip…

My first visible Double Under whiplashes…image2…And my first time coming in dead last in the WOD (workout of the day).  What place you come in during the workout never truly matters.  It’s all about competing against yourself and pushing yourself the hardest you can, while improving over time either with speed or strength.  If the workouts are scored “for time”, I only really ever care about MY time…no one else’s.  Sure, I use the workouts to get a little competitive push and I base my timing against people in class who I know are at a similar level as I am…but CrossFit really is a you vs. you sport.  It’s a sport known for the loudest cheers and support going to the people who come in last.  I’ve always been encouraged by that community “no man left behind” vibe.  Yet, with all that said, I’ve never been the person who finished last in a workout…until last night.

The workout was a ladder down from 10 of toes-to-bar and push presses, with 10 double unders between each round.  Since starting CrossFit, Each of these movements have been a struggle for me on their own. I just got my first toes-to-bar in March while warming up for 15.1, and still haven’t been able to string more than 2 together.  Overhead movements are my nemesis due to shoulder weakness/mobility and double unders are just hard.  But I’ve been practicing DUs almost every time I’m at the gym and have built up to stringing 9 together!

So, back to the workout.  When I saw the WOD and Rx weight of 65 pounds for push presses, I had an inkling that I could complete the whole thing Rx (as prescribed, or as written).  It wouldn’t be pretty, but I really wanted to attempt the WOD doing full toes-to-bar and the double unders!  I knew that meant my time would be significantly longer than everyone else, but I didn’t care.  I wanted to TRY.  I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone.  

Almost 20 minutes later, I finished the workout.  My toes-to-bars were almost all single reps and I had to drop from the bar to save my grip (remember my first rip up there!?).  The push presses weren’t an issue, though I tend to start jerking vs. pushing.  The first few rounds, I was psyched about doing double unders in a WOD for the first time! I strung together 5 and 6 each round.  The last few rounds, I could barely get any double unders and had to do one double under, stop and then restart.  It was awful.  I was frustrated.  People were finishing the workout when I was just starting my 5 toes-to-bar.  I was tired and didn’t feel so excited about Rx’ing anymore.  I debated switching to knees-to-elbows and single unders just to finish faster.  But coach (boyfriend), Liz and a few others from the class pushed me to keep working.  I got through one rep at a time and finished in 19:18.  I was the last person to complete the workout in our class, but it didn’t matter.  I was just happy to be done!

Looking back, I’m not sure if I really got the most out of the workout by being stubborn and wanting to Rx because I “could”.  Knowing when to scale based on your abilities and your goals is super important and can make a big difference in your training.  So was it the smartest idea to Rx this workout?  Maybe not.  But I’m damn proud of myself for trying it and pushing through when I felt like stopping or scaling down.  I’m more than satisfied with my last place finish and I earned that rip (which I am now slathering with WOD Welder).

How do you get outside of your comfort zone? Love or hate your battle scars?  Tell me about it…