CFE Training Week 3

Today marks the start of Week 4 of our CrossFit Endurance training plan for the Great South Bay Half Marathon on October 3rd.  It’s a totally different style of training for me (i.e. short, fast, purposeful workouts vs. total milage) and I’m still not sure how I feel about it.  Will I be ready for 13.1 miles?  Probably.  Can I PR?  Maybe, since I’m running faster in general.  But I’m really not sure!  You can check out my recap of the first 2 weeks of training here and read on to see how last week went.

Monday: CrossFit.  I will admit to “cherry-picking” the WOD at our gym (aka checking it in advance and deciding I didn’t want to do it), but I still showed up and did my own workout.  I actually did a WOD I had completed last summer and it was just as rough this time around.  



AM–> Tuesdays are supposed to be 2-a-days, but there was a crazyyy thunderstorm that woke me 30-minutes before my alarm and I decided to skip the track during the hail and lightning.  

PM–> CrossFit.  That cherry-picking from Monday came back to bite me in the booty, since this workout included KB Swings and wall-balls (which are essentially the same as a thruster).  It was definitely a mental battle throughout the WOD to stay on the ball and pick up that kettlebell.  


Wednesday: I made up the missed trackwork from yesterday here…5 x 400m with 2:00 rest between each.  My legs definitely felt the past two days of CrossFit, but I’m happy with my times.  {1:59, 1:49, 1:52, 1:55, 1:55}


Thursday: Rest, I was supposed to run but things got a little jumbled this week.  Training has to be flexible, right? 😉

Friday: 4 x 800m with 2:45 rest between rounds.  {4:21, 4:08, 4:08, 4:00}


Saturday: 30 minute yoga flow, followed by some balancing practice.  I got my first successful headstand! 


Sunday: 4 mile time trial.  Although not much of a “long run” in my mind, running 4 miles at max effort (not in a race setting) is hard.  The first two miles felt great, but my pace quickly dropped and I rode the struggle bus to the finish.  My time was 37:04, which is only a few seconds off my 4-mile race PR.  On another note, is anyone else totally ready for FALL running!? 🙂

So that’s that.  Week 3 is in the books!  Today I’m planning to do a CF “recovery workout”, which should be interesting.  

Your turn…love or hate track workouts?  How do you adjust training when life/weather/sleep interferes? Tell me about it!