CFE Training Week 4

Good morning! I’m actually writing this from the airport, where I’m awaiting my flight to CALIFORNIA!  I’m heading to Lodi, CA for a blogger/dietitian trip with the California Board of Almonds.  Exciting, right?  I’m really honored to be included and pumped to meet everyone and learn all about almonds.  I’ll be sharing our experience on Twitter and Instagram, so be sure to follow along there and I’ll recap the entire trip here on the blog later in the week.  For now, let’s recap week 4 of half marathon training!  

Monday: 8 x 300m with 300m recovery {1:32, 1:30. 1:31, 1:30, 1:27, 1:30, 1:28, 1:28}  I actually really enjoyed this workout.  Just when it started feeling hard to keep up my pace, it was time to stop and switch to recovery pace.  My kinda running! 😉


Tuesday: CrossFit.  The skillwork focused on power cleans and squat cleans (which I posted a funny fail video of on Instagram).

Then the WOD was a ladder up EMOM of Power Cleans (65lb for women) with 10 double unders.  I know, I know…let me translate!  Basically it meant that during the first minute, we completed one power clean and 10 double unders, in the 2nd minute, two power cleans and 10 double unders, in the 3rd minute three power cleans and 10 double unders, etc. until you couldn’t complete the work set in the minute.  I got through 8 full rounds and 5 power cleans in the 9th round.  

Wednesday: At-home CrossFit WOD.  I ordered a 35-lb kettlebell from Amazon for times just like this when I wanted to get in a CrossFit style workout on my own, without a complete gym available to me.  I got home pretty late and knew I’d be running in the morning, so I just did a quick kettlebell workout:


Thursday: 4-5 x 800m with 2:45 rest between sets {4:11, 3: 58, 3:57, 3:57}.  I felt excited about my paces for these repeats, but my legs were shot by the end and I stuck with 4 instead of doing 5.  Plus I needed to squeeze in a few sunrise track photos…obviously.  FYI, I’m wearing Tiux Compression Socks in this photo and I loooved them.  They’re reasonably priced and really cute too!


Friday: CrossFit.  I finished this one in 15:30 using 55lb for the overhead squats and bands for the pull-ups.  


Saturday: Rest day, spent at the beach with good friends.  As it should be! 

Sunday: 10K at 80% of 5K pace.  Our CrossFit Endurance training plan actually called for two separate workouts (a 5k in the morning and a 5k again at night after some rest). Between boyfriends work and my errands, that wasn’t  realistic for us, so I opted to combine the workouts into a 6-mile long run but maintaining the percentage pace goals.  I finished in 1:02:41 (10:26 average pace) and felt pretty strong.  Boyfriend was of course much faster, but we both felt pretty good given that it was the longest we’ve both run in a long time.

Today is most certainly a rest day for me, and since I’m pretty much spending the day in flight or in airports, I’m trying to stretch when I can and stay hydrated.  Stay tuned for my #AlmondTour adventures and my next week of training!