CFE Training Week 5

So week 5 of half marathon training was my first not-so-great week of training this cycle.  Monday through Thursday morning was spent on an incredible trip to California with the Almond Board of California.  I will definitely be recapping that trip soon, but in short—it was educational, inspiring and all around delicious.  But my training and my sleep most definitely took a hit.  Let’s recap:

Monday: Rest.  I spent over 12 hours traveling (I think, because I really do get confused with time zone changes).  It was a planned rest day, but it probably wasn’t best spent sitting in airports and on planes.  Oh well, because California!  


AM—>Yoga.  Alex (Delish Knowledge) led an awesome yoga practice for a big group of us on the #almondtour!  It was perfect for stretching out after a long day of travel.

image1 (2)

PM—> We had some afternoon downtime in our schedule, so I squeezed in a quick workout.  I ran to and from nearby Lake Lodi and at the park completed 4 rounds of 10 pushups, 10 air squats and 10 situps.

image2 (1)

Wednesday:  I joined Kylie, Heather, Deanna and Rachael for a few early morning miles around Lake Lodi.  We didn’t track our mileage, but it was somewhere around 30 minutes and a good time just getting to know my fellow RD runners.

image3 (1)

Thursday: Rest.  Catching a red-eye back to NYC and heading straight to work meant no workout for me!

Friday: CrossFit.  We warmed up with some heavy deadlifting and then completed a 12-minute AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible) of: 

-3 muscle ups (modified to 9 pullups and 9 ring dips)

-6 burpees to a 6″ target

-9 power clean & jerks (75lb for me)

-30 Double Unders 

I finished 2 rounds plus 28 reps and felt awful the whole time.  I’m guessing it was my body still adjusting to a time change and lack of sleep, but I just didn’t have it during this WOD.  It happens, right?!

Saturday: 10K time trial, turned long run.  I started out with high hopes, but was in a terrible place mentally and had several panic-attacks throughout my run.  I stopped 0.75 miles in because I felt anxious, was sobbing and couldn’t breathe.  I tried to fight through and actually ran the first 5k at goal pace, but totally fell apart after that.  Basically, I quit.  I kept telling myself that pushing through would help build mental strength, but it didn’t work.  I walked a bunch, despite my legs feeling great.  I finished the “time trial” in 1:03:49, way off my goal, but let’s move on, shall we?

Sunday: Rest.  I had big plans for yoga and an at-home CrossFit workout, but instead I slept in, did laundry, cooked, prepped some future blog posts and went to a family party.  Life.

Your turn…When you’re jet lagged do you fight through or rest up?  How do you get back on track after a bad run or bad week?  Tell me about it!