Run Jump Go with Tiux Compression!

Disclosure:  Tiux provided me with product to review, but I did not receive compensation for this post and as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

About a month ago, right around the time we started half marathon training (coincidence?!), I was contacted by Tiux Compression to see if I wanted to review their socks.  I obviously said yes, and after having some time to test Tiux out, I’m ready to share my thoughts with you.

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A little bit about the brand…Tiux (pronounced “tee-oo” and translated to run or jump in Mien) is a small startup company striving to provide high quality compression socks at a premium price.  They choose reputable factories, never overstock their inventory, eliminate middlemen and focus on quality and value.  More importantly, Tiux donates 1% of revenue to the MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to protect communities from landmines, unexploded ordinance and other weapons that remain in conflict zones.  Y’all know I love a company that gives back. 

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About the socks…Right off the bat I was a fan of the socks, showing up in that awesome sliding black box with their bright neon colors!  Who doesn’t love neon workout apparel?  The fabric is soft and giving, yet tight enough so you feel the compression working.  Tiux are designed with graduated compression, meaning they have higher compression at the ankle and less as you go up the calf, which helps to enhance circulation and increase oxygen flow in your legs.  

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In addition to the bright colors, these babies have some really fun details.  They’re labeled “L” and “R” to avoid any confusion and their motto “Run Jump Go” is sewn right into the top seam of the sock.  image1 (6)

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Most importantly, they stood up to the challenge of both running and CrossFit workouts and helped my legs recover from all of my tough workouts.  They definitely don’t feel as tight as some other compression brands, which I actually appreciate as someone with pretty large calves.  There was just enough squeezage { technical term 😉 } without leaving an impression below my knee when I take the socks off.  They also stay put, which is great…no extra fabric rubbing on my heels/feet and causing blisters!
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Probably the best part of the Tiux compression socks is the price point.  These socks are just $35!  By cutting out the middle-men in the production line and offering free shipping, Tiux is able to provide high-quality compression socks for much less than their competition.  

Tiux is a new-ish company with a great product, totally worth trying out yourself!  Check them out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and if you’re ready to buy Tiux Compression socks for yourself, make sure to use this link to get 10% off your order! (affiliate link—I will receive a discount on future orders for each referral using this link).  Big thanks to the Tiux team for allowing me to test out their socks! 

Tell me…are you a compression believer or skeptic?  What’s your favorite color to wear while working out?