Weekend Fun & Week 10 of CrossFit Endurance Training

It’s officially race week, my friends!  I’ll do a quick recap of last week’s workouts for you, but first I wanted to share some fun happenings from the weekend.  

Saturday started out with a late paleo pancake breakfast, because we slept in for once!  Then, boyfriend and I drove out East on Long Island to go apple-picking and stock up on some fall decor for the house.  We went to Wickham’s Fruit Farm,took a cute tractor ride back to the orchards and even got a bonus stop for some pears! IMG_8287


After we snagged a whole bunch of fruit, we made a pit stop in Mattituck for lunch at Good Food.  It just opened this summer and has specialty salads, sandwiches and baked goods.  Oh, and empanadas!  Boyfriend got meaty ones, but I opted for the Seasonal Greens & Black Bean Corn with a side of greek couscous salad.  Delish!IMG_8299

The rest of the day was spent getting pumpkins, mums and other things to decorate our new home!  It’s not done yet, but here’s a quick peek:


Sunday was our very last long run before next week’s half marathon.  After the run, I ran some errands and snagged Rocky a new veggie toy from Petco.  He loves his avocado, broccoli and carrot so it was no surprise he went right for the eggplant I brought him!


The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning and doing laundry before heading to celebrate our niece’s 2nd birthday!  🙂

Now onto the training…

Monday 9/21: Ahhh, remember when I was loving life at Kripalu?  It seems like a distant memory already.  That morning I went for a beautiful 2 hour hike and then did 1 hour gentle yoga class in the afternoon.  Glorious.


Tuesday 9/22: I debated doing my planned speedwork on the treadmill at Kripalu, but then I remembered where I was and took 1.5 hour intermediate yoga instead. #SorryNotSorry

Wednesday 9/23: Rest

Thursday 9/24: I hit the track super duper early and was actually looking forward to this speedwork.  It called for a warmup, 2 x 200m, 2 x 400m and 2 x 1000m.  Just two miles, with total rest recovery between repeats!  My legs felt shot by the end, but I was happy with my paces and I really enjoyed this short and fast one.


Friday 9/25: “CrossFit”, put in parentheses because I’m not sure you can call it that.  I struggled to get myself to do anything at all once I got home from work and ended up doing a short (we’re talking 4-5 minute) workout.  Ladder down from 10: KB swings and air squats.  Blech. 

Saturday 9/26: Rest (unless you count apple-picking from above…)

Sunday 9/27: 8 miles (9:50 avg pace).  Boyfriend had a fantastic last long run, but mine was just eh.  I had some hamstring tightness in one leg and IT band pain in the other, so although I started strong, my pace dropped.  All in all, glad to be done running long for awhile, with the exception of that whole race next weekend!

There ya have it, a week’s worth of workouts and a weekend full of food and fun!

Tell me…Have you gotten into fall mode yet? What’s your favorite type of apple?  Mine is Macintosh! 


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  1. Your house is adorable!! I love how you decorated it and that big tree out front is beautiful!!

    I love Granny Smith (I used to ONLY eat red apples until I got married and my then-husband would only eat green. If he was going to eat apples I would make the switch haha!)

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