Halloween Weekend Scenes

Hey y’all…I’m back today sharing some of my Halloween weekend fun, but first I want to take a second out to wish my boyfriend a very Happy Birthday!!!  He isn’t very active on social media these days, but you can go shoot him a birthday tweet here! 😉

Now back to our weekend fun.  Even though I didn’t dress up, I was excited for my very first time handing out candy (and non-food treats via the Teal Pumpkin Project) in our new home.  Plus, in case you live in a bubble and haven’t heard, this past Sunday was the NYC Marathon, so you know I was out cheering for my people!  Here are some scenes from the weekend…IMG_9144[1]

I ran a fast (for me right now) 5k to start Halloween and totally geeked out over fall running the whole time.  Cool weather, crunchy leaves and pretty foliage is the BEST!


Our washing machine (which we inherited with the house) crapped out on us last week, so we had a new one delivered on Halloween morning.  Unfortunately, the delivery man informed me our old one was totally ghetto-rigged into the drain and the new one wouldn’t connect.  AWESOME #homeownerproblems!  So I spent much of the day on Saturday pretending to be a plumber and figuring this mess out.  It didn’t work…I’ve turned the project over to boyfriend and will stick to doing what I know how to do.  Like cook and eat….


Speaking of eating, I made these delicious Power Fuel Bites with Manitoba Harvest HempHearts on Saturday.  Click over and enter my giveaway to get some HempHearts for yourself!


I spent most of the day (from 2pm to about 8pm) handing out candy and treats to trick-or-treaters.  They were SO cute and most of them were surprisingly polite.  But none of them were as cute as my nephews.  Can you even?! My favorite little dudes dressed up as Darth Vader and an Ewok! <3


I woke up Sunday morning so excited to spectate the NYC Marathon.  The Mickey hand was a big hit, as usual, and I was so inspired by all of the runners.  NY is NOT an easy course to run and it’s amazing how many people did so with big smiles on their faces the whole time!  Like these incredible friends…


Kaella finally achieved her goal of running the NYC Marathon and completely rocked it.  I was able to see her twice and she was all smiles the whole time!  I’m so proud of her for pushing through after hitting the wall and finishing strong.  Go congratulate her NOW! 🙂


No big deal…Theodora kicked butt on Sunday after just running the Chicago Marathon less than a month ago. #overachiever


Our cheer squad was out in full force at Mile 8 and then again at Mile 23, supporting Team in Training and so many other runners!  Not sure if you can see it from this pic, but I thought my cousin’s sign was pretty clever.  It said “If the Mets can make it to the World Series, you can run 26.2 miles!” 😉


Boyfriend and I needed some fuel of our own from spectating, so we took a quick break at Le Pain Quotidien and it was JUST what I needed after a day of indulging in too many M&Ms and Reese’s.  Boyfriend and I both ordered the Warm Autumn Grain Bowl (his with chicken) and it was all my favorite things: kale, Brussels sprouts, spiced pecans, quinoa, farro, butternut squash and goat cheese.  YUM!  I do hate when people order the same thing as me though, as I usually like to try a variety of menu items.  Silly copycat boyfriend!


After I was good and fueled, we got back out onto 5th avenue and cheered some more.  I jumped in to run a bit with my buddy Emily who trained with TNT also and did an amazing job on her first marathon on Sunday!  So proud of her!


Although it’s exhausting, cheering for marathon runners is SO much fun and really can’t be beat in a city like New York.


Finally, after a long train ride home, boyfriend and I capped off our night with some pumpkin pie ice cream and watching the Mets lose the World Series.  As a Yankee fan, I can’t say I’m upset they blew it, but it was fun to watch them in the post-season anyway!

How did you celebrate Halloween?  Do you also hate it when someone orders the same meal as you?  What’s the best race sign you’ve ever seen? Tell me about it…


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