Weekend Scenes: Blizzard 2016

What a weekend for those of us here in the Northeast!  Winter Storm Jonas brought us lots of cold weather, snow and wind throughout the day Saturday and into Sunday morning.  Despite predictions of 8-12 inches on Long Island, the snow total in our town was probably about 2 feet, and those crazy winds created some even bigger drifts!  We were well stocked up with lots of food and firewood, and I have to say I was really looking forward to an excuse to stay hunkered down inside and relax a bit.  Honestly, I didn’t completely relax all weekend.  I still got in some workouts, did laundry, prepped some food, wrote a few recipes and blogged a bit.  Of course, I documented most of our weekend along the way.  Check out some scenes from our blizzard-filled weekend…

Boyfriend left us early for a fire call and then was on standby at the firehouse for a few hours, so I used the quiet time for an easy 45-minute yoga practice followed by green tea and breakfast.  Notice the paws in the background…Rocky was never more than a few feet away from me during yoga.


After relaxing a bit and watching the snow fall, I got to work in the kitchen.  First, I made a variation of this Pasta e Fagioli with Greens from Deanna.  It’s from this month’s Recipe ReDux, a recipe challenge aimed at taking delicious recipes and making them healthier for you.  I was just accepted to Recipe ReDux, so stay tuned for my recipes in upcoming months!

2016-01-23_180000350_BAA40_iOSWhile the soup was cooking, I got started on recipe testing for these Dark Chocolate Nuttzo Butter Cups.  Talk about chocolatey, gooey, nut butter deliciousness.  I’ll be sharing the recipe later this week and you will not want to miss it!

Nuttzo Butter Cups

Chocolate, Nuttzo & Sea Salt Goodness

While I was elbow deep in nut butter and chocolate, boyfriend returned home and got to work on the snow while Rocky alternated between playing like crazy and sleeping.2016-01-23_170222439_3C008_iOS

2016-01-23_161747486_020F8_iOS 2016-01-23_155448570_FA94B_iOSIn the afternoon, we started a fire and I snuggled up on the couch to finish this book.  If you are unsure about some goals you have or just want some life inspiration, go get this book!  Sure, it’s a self-help book, but the author is really authentic and entertaining and I can’t recommend it enough. 


For dinner, we kept things simple and reheated some spaghetti squash, topped with an easy tomato sauce and Neat crumbles.  


For all you vegetarian/vegans out there who find yourself missing meat, go get yourself some Neat.  I’m a big fan of this plant-based meat alternative and have written about it before on the blog.  After dinner, boyfriend and I cuddled up with some wine and finished Making a Murderer on Netflix.  Have you guys watched it yet?  It’s so enthralling yet infuriating!  I get easily sucked into these murder mysteries (the same thing happened with Serial) but hate that we’ll never know what actually happened!

Sunday morning was spent digging our way out from the blizzard.  There were areas where even Boyfriend was up to his thighs in snow!  Craziness…

2016-01-24_125648362_0860C_iOS 2016-01-24_125925253_CB4F6_iOS


After the shoveling and snow blowing was all done, I got in a quick workout with some overhead squats. 🙂

Phew, all that work moving snow on an empty stomach meant it was time for breakfast.  The overripe bananas sitting on our counter were just asking for me to bake with them and I whipped up some gluten-free banana chocolate chip muffins.  


Deeeelish.  Now we’re off for some snowy outdoor fun so we can relax tonight before the week ahead!

How much snow did you get from the big blizzard?  What are your go-to snowstorm eats?  Have you watched Making a Murderer?  Tell me about it!


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  1. Banana muffins are delicious, I love them too. Winter is a great time for muffins with cinnamon, ginger, aniseed and cardamom, aromatic and warming

  2. Looks like a very similar weekend to what we had – lots of good eats and quality time at home! Can’t wait to see that recipe for the Nuttzo butter cups! Oh, and how crazy is Making a Murderer?! We finished it a couple of weeks ago. Still can’t wrap my head around it!

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