My First CrossFit Competition

Over the weekend, I participated in my very first CrossFit competition.  The decision to compete was sort of last minute, but I figured it’d be a good way to meet more people at my gym and channel my competitive spirit before the CrossFit Open starts in a few weeks.  It was a friendly in-house competition, meaning only members of our box participated.  AKA not as scary as a regular competition, because technically I compete alongside these people everyday at the gym.  

The gym owners did an awesome job of organizing everything, creating three heats where each heat would also be responsible for judging the next heat.  I competed in the scaled division against some badass ladies, including one woman who has only been CrossFitting for 2 months!  


There definitely was a nervous energy hanging around in the morning, but everyone was super encouraging throughout the workouts and it made for a great day.  The workouts were announced in advance, so we had a little time to familiarize ourselves with them and form a little bit of a strategy.


I had actually just completed Event 1 earlier in the week, so I had a good idea of what weight I was comfortable building up to.  The limiting movement for me in this “bear complex” is the shoulder-to-overhead.  Last year, during workout 15.1A of the CrossFit Open, I got a clean & jerk PR of 105 lb, but since then haven’t worked much on increasing my load in those movements.  Heck, I still need a lot of work on my form!  When we practiced Event 1 last Monday, I built up to around 95-100 lb, so my goal was at least 105 lb during the competition, counting on the extra excitement and nerves.  Since we had 12 minutes to build up and I wanted to at least get one score on the board, I started off with 85 lb and completed the movements no problem.  Then I moved to 95 lb, which felt a little heavy in the overhead movements, but I got it done.  I took a little time to rest and then completed the complex with 105 lb on the barbell.  Rather than waste more energy, I wanted to make a final attempt and jump to 115 lb.  I tried my best, but ended up dropping the bar off my back after the first shoulder-to-overhead.  I backed the weight down to 110 lb quickly, but failed that one too.  105 lb was the final score and I’m pretty happy with it!  I know I’m capable of more, but I need to work on my technique and mental game!

I expected Event 1A to be a piece of cake, especially because I was doing the scaled version, which meant only lifting my knees to my chest rather than toes all the way up to the bar.  I was wrong!  I couldn’t keep a solid grip while hanging on the bar and kept having to fall off and jump back on.  In the end, I scored 59 knees to chest within those 2 minutes.  Again, I felt like it could have been more but it is what it is!


Going into the second event I was having flashbacks to last year’s 15.5 workout, which also had rowing and thrusters.  Yuck!  My planfor this workout was to pace myself and just keep moving.  Mission accomplished and I finished 3 full rounds plus 15 calories on the row.  

Between Event 2 and 3, I refueled with half of a Lara Bar and a protein shake (I like Optimum Nutrition Oats & Whey because it has a good combo of carbs and protein and no artificial sweeteners!).  My legs were pretty beat up from that 2nd workout and I was worried about the last workout because it included my nemesis (wall balls).  The best part of the day was probably judging (read: coaching and cheering for) the other heats, because it felt good to push someone else to their limits.  Not to mention it took my mind off of unnecessarily stressing the workouts ahead of me!  

Event 3 actually moved much faster than I was anticipating, and since I was competing in the scaled division the weight for the wall ball was 10 pounds instead of 14!  It is incredible what a difference those 4 pounds made over the course of the WOD.  Wall balls felt easy peasy!  For the deadlifts I used 85lb and I did box step-ups to 20″ instead of jumping.  I took an ugly spill on a box jump a few weeks back and I’m still traumatized/terrified!  All in all, I finished the workout in 5 minutes and 39 seconds, which I am beyond happy with.  

And guess what?  My scores for the day earned me 2nd place in the scaled division!  Not bad for a first timer, eh? 😉  I have to say next time I hope to be even stronger and compete in the Rx group, though!  This competition definitely got me pumped up for the Open (now 9 days away!) and just as I had hoped, it was a great way to meet even more people at my box.  Boom!

CrossFitters: are you signed up for the Open?  Have you ever done a competition? Tell me about it!



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