16.1: The One With The Lunges

Happy Monday, friends!  If you’re not a CrossFitter or could care less about how sore my butt is after completing 16.1, feel free to skip today’s post and come back tomorrow. 🙂 For my fellow fitness fiends (I <3 alliteration!), I’m here to recap the first workout of this year’s CrossFit Open!  


After work on Friday, boyfriend and I headed to CrossFit Smithtown, where our gym was hosting “Friday Night Lights”.  AKA a bunch of us doing the workout in heats while everyone else gathered around to support.  We cheered on a few other heats of athletes before taking on 16.1 ourselves. Watching the workout after the announcement on Thursday night did help prepare us, but watching the people from our own gym was even better for strategizing.  In case you need a quick refresher, this is what 16.1 looked like:

CrossFit 16.1 RX

CrossFit 16.1 Scaled-2

This was a 20 minute workout, which is considered pretty long in the CrossFit world, so it was all about finding a good pace.  I have to say I’m kind of bummed that I had to do the scaled version because I don’t have pull-ups yet.  Technically I could have started the Rx version of the workout, scored 18 reps and called it a day.  The 65-lb overhead lunges would have been really hard for me, it wouldn’t have been pretty and I would have had to just quit when it came time to do the pull-ups.  But my reasons for participating in the Open have nothing to do with my score on the leaderboard and everything to do with having fun, being smart and doing the workouts properly. So instead, I did the scaled version and guess what?  I still hated all 20 minutes of it. 😉

My plan was to start out slow and just not stop moving.  It certainly helped that everyone in my heat was doing the workout Rx, so I felt like I had an “advantage” and it gave me a mental boost to be leading the pack.  The scaled option meant I only had to keep the barbell in the front-rack position during the lunges and the weight was fairly light for me at 35-lb, but that didn’t make those lunges hurt any less.  I tried to take the burpees extremely slowly, dropping down, popping back up and taking a big breath before jumping over the barbell each time.  For the jumping pull-ups, I tried to do them as quickly as possible and take another big breath before getting back on the barbell.  To be honest, I don’t understand jumping pull-ups and always feel like they’re more of a leg workout than an upper body workout.  They kind of felt like I was cheating or getting away with something, actually.  Maybe the punishment for “getting” to do the jumping pull-ups was ultimately having to suffer through more rounds of those damn walking lunges.  For reals, SO many walking lunges.  

Another big part of my strategy was to NEVER look at the clock.  You know how when you’re doing something horrible and it feels like an hour has passed, but you look up and it’s only been 10 seconds?  THAT is why I promised myself to not look at the clock.  Overall, my strategy worked out really well.  I finished 9 rounds plus a full 25-feet of the walking lunges for a score of 239 reps.  An Rx score of 16 might have ranked higher on the leaderboard (I’m not actually sure how the rankings work) but I’m happy with my scaled score.  I earned the heck out of my sore butt, which is still sore today BTW! 

This first workout of the Open has already opened my eyes to how much more I want to achieve in CrossFit.  I think that’s one of the best parts of these Open workouts, in fact.  It is a good measure of where you’re currently at in CrossFit and it exposes you to the potential that lies ahead of you.  Plus, cheering on others and watching them accomplish things they previously couldn’t is inspiring as hell.  As for me, I currently feel a little bit stuck in this middle zone of no longer being a “beginner”, but not strong enough to be competing on an Rx level.  I have a lot of potential and I can’t wait to keep improving, through the next few weeks of workouts and beyond. Maybe I’ll even get to Rx one of the Open workouts this year.  In the meantime, I’ll be foam rolling my glutes like crazy. 

Did you do 16.1?  How ’bout them lunges?