16.3: The One I Screwed Up

Oh man, you guys.  I screwed up this week’s Open Workout my first go-round, which actually ended up causing me to log my first Rx score in any CrossFit Open workout I have completed.  Interesting, right?  Here’s what happened…Instead of watching the workout announcement on Thursday at the gym like I have been, I had a dinner date with my old CrossFit buddy, Liz.  (Hi, Liz!)  Dinner and catching up was great, but not watching the announcement threw me off my Open-game.  I quickly looked the workout up later via twitter, but didn’t think much more about it until I showed up at the gym Friday night to get it done.  Straight from the CrossFit Games website,  here are the Rx and scaled versions of 16.3:16.3


Scaled 16.3

16.3 is one of the workouts that separates the men from the boys, if you will.  Most middle-of-the-pack CrossFitters don’t yet have muscle-ups, so there are going to be a LOT of Rx scores of 10 out there for 16.3, including mine. Yes, I ended up logging an Rx score for the first time since starting these Open workouts.  As has been the case in each of the first two workouts,  I found myself somewhere in between the scaled and Rx version.  Maybe there should be a semi-scaled, not-quite-Rx version.  What do you think, Dave Castro?  So, since I knew I was capable of snatching 55 pounds for 10 reps but wouldn’t be able to do a muscle-up, I could still perform the Rx workout for a score.  I debated doing just that, but boyfriend gently reminded me that my reason for competing in the Open is not about my score on the leaderboard.  I technically could have logged an Rx score for both 16.1 and 16.2 also, but the Open for me is more about getting a challenging workout in and assessing my skill level.  

So back to Friday night, my scaled 16.3 workout and the reason for the title of this post.  When Boyfriend and I got to the gym, we watched and cheered for one heat before taking the workout on ourselves.  Truthfully, I didn’t refer back to the workout standards and just started the workout with the rest of the class.  But without realizing it, I incorrectly thought the scaled version was 10 snatches and three jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups, instead of five.  So I did the workout just like that, completing 8 full rounds (or 104 reps).  Like I mentioned, I hadn’t watched the announcement or read up on the workout, so I had no idea of what to expect as far as my score.  The WOD was only 7-minutes long, but it was a tough one and the light snatches felt heavy toward the end for sure.  I was happy with my effort, though a little frustrated at my pull on the snatches.  

snatch legs

See those red marks on my thighs?  I’m supposed to be popping the bar off my legs by my hips, so those marks should be about 6 inches higher up.  Womp, womp.  I told you I need to focus more on my skill work, rather than Rxing WODs!  Anyway, when I got home and started to log my score into Beyond the Whiteboard, I realized my big mistake.  Guilt immediately washed over me.  I cheated!  I was supposed to have done 5 jumping pull-ups each round and instead did only 3!  And I reassured a few of the other people scaling the WOD that it was only 3!  Eek!  I was so upset, mostly because I stupidly misinformed others.  Obviously I knew it was just as much their responsibility to check the scaled version for themselves, but I just felt so guilty over my error.  I was irrationally overwhelmed by guilt and despite boyfriends reassurance that people make mistakes, I couldn’t fall asleep.  Adding to my guilt was dread of doing this workout over again to vindicate myself.  I didn’t really like the workout all that much and didn’t want to do it over again.  

During my guilt-ridden restless sleep that night (I know, I’m crazy…), I came up with a solution.  Since I know I had given my best effort during the screwed-up 16.3, I opted to not re-do the scaled version and instead complete the Rx workout for an official score.  After my Saturday morning workout, I secured a judge, set the clock for 7 minutes and completed 10 Rx snatches.  Boom.  There we have it!  A big screw up, leading to my first Rx score of the Open.  

Lesson learned: always watch the official announcements and double-check the standards for the scaled WOD before completing it!

Have you ever cheated during a workout…on purpose or by accident?  Tell me I’m not totally crazy for feeling so guilty!  Ha 😉