Dirty Thirty Weekend

Hey friends, I’m popping in today to share a quick recap from my birthday weekend!  In my last post, I dropped some serious wisdom from my first three decades on this earth, so be sure to check that out.  I was hoping to have more pictures to share from my celebrations (especially from the mud run!), but it turns out I wasn’t much of a photographer this weekend and our race photos haven’t been released yet.

On Friday (my actual birthday), I slept in SUPER late (like 9:15am late) and made myself some 3-ingredient pancakes before tackling some around-the-house tasks.  It was lovely.  In the afternoon, boyfriend and I went to the gym to workout.  The WOD happened to be a benchmark…Cindy!  The last time I did Cindy was in February of 2015 and I completed 14 rounds + 21 reps.  On Friday, I finished one rep shy of 17 rounds.  #progress.  A PR was a great way to start my birthday weekend and I even wore the awesome Fat Bar Apparel tank boyfriend had just given me!


After the gym, boyfriend and I hit up BJ’s to get some food for the BBQ on Saturday, then showered and went out for a nice Indian dinner at The Curry Club.

Curry Club

I failed to take photos, but we split samosas and naan (duh) plus I ordered Vegetable Vindalu and boyfriend had Chicken Club Masala.  So much food, but so delicious!  Plus it fueled us well for the next morning’s adventure:  The Survival Race 5k!  I managed to convince some of my favorite people to join me in a mud run out on Long Island to celebrate my “dirty thirty”.  It was chilly and drizzling the entire time, but we made the most of it and had fun!  I wore a Dirty Thirty tank (pictured below, looking oh-so-happy!) and my team wore personalized shirts made by my amazing cousin (thanks, Steph!!)!  The shirts were a total surprise and I absolutely loved them, though I don’t think I got a picture where they weren’t mud covered too.  Oops!  


Compared to other mud runs I have done, this one kind of fell flat.  There was a lot of waiting around for the obstacles due to overcrowded waves and despite advertising free race photos, only one photographer at the finish line.  Womp, womp.  I want pictures of us doing the obstacles, not just at the finish.  At least there was free beer at the end?! 😉
After we drank our free beers, we headed home to shower and get warmed up.  Later in the afternoon, more friends and family joined us for a BBQ at our house.  Again, it would have been much nicer if the weather cooperated, but I was just happy to be surrounded by most of my favorite people.  We had good drinks and delicious food, putting my favorite grill master to work.  Check out those grill marks, people! 

Unfortunately the grill shot is the ONLY picture I took from my party, but that just means I was having too much fun chatting with family and friends and chasing my nephews and niece around.  Big thank you to everyone who showed up to celebrate with me! I love y’all.

Cheers to another year and another decade!  


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