A CrossFit Update & Partner Competition

I think it’s about time I posted a CrossFit update here.  In my early CF days, I was all about posting my updates and progress.  As of late, the CrossFit-ness on this blog has been a little more sporadic, but I shared our CF Endurance Training and random benchmark WODs.  So time for an update!  If you’re not a fellow CrossFit junkie, feel free to skip over today’s post and come back for the delicious kiwi recipe I’ll be sharing tomorrow.  Or, better yet, head on over to read Ericka’s post about how you don’t need to lift heavy in order to love CrossFit, and maybe you’ll be convinced to join the “cult”. 

Okay, now that you’ve grabbed your cup of CrossFit Koolaid to sip with me…let’s get to it.  Since late January/early February of this year, I scaled way back on my running and have been solely focused on WODs and olympic lifting.  I go to the gym consistently 3-5 times each week and whenever I can, I also go to the Olympic Lifting class my gym offers on Sundays.


Ugly face. Awesome extension on that lift!

It turns out when you dedicate time to learning technique and working on weaknesses, you improve! 😉  I feel much more confident in my weightlifting skills and have started to increase the weight load in my workouts.  I now do all toes-to-bar when they’re programmed (instead of modifying to knees-to-elbows) and I’m also working on stringing them together to get faster.  Double unders are still a work in progress, but honestly I haven’t been dedicating time to practicing them.  My latest focus has been getting that elusive pull-up.  I’ve wanted to be able to do a pull-up for a looong time now and have done lots of ring rows, negatives and holds in hopes of getting stronger.  A few weeks ago, I agreed to join a team from my gym for the Flex on the Beach Competition in September and the second workout includes pull-ups.  It was time to get serious, so the next day in the gym, I tried and GOT A PULL-UP! And then another and a third!

CFS Comp Pullups

I have to kip to get my chin over the bar, so I still need to go back and work on getting them strict, but I’m so pumped to have pull-ups now!  When I’m not dangling on the bar, I’m also super focused on olympic lifting.  During my first year of CrossFit, I all but avoided the olympic lifts (clean & jerk and snatch), using the excuse that I was training for a marathon/half-marathon/whatever and I would work on learning the lifts “later”.  Now it’s later and I have no more excuses.  

As of last week, I PR’ed both my power clean (120 lb) and my snatch (80lb).  I am definitely capable of more for my clean and I want to keep working on snatch technique so I’m more comfortable.  Either way, it feels good to be doing something so out of my comfort zone and finally see some improvement!  For the first workout in that upcoming competition, I will have to find a maximum weight I can complete one clean + 2 front squats, so there will be a lot of practicing until September to get the most weight I can.

Speaking of competitions, this past Sunday I competed in another in-house competition at our gym.  It was a male-female partner competition and boyfriend was scheduled to work, so I had to borrow a friend’s husband to be my partner.  She’s preggy and didn’t mind sitting this one out and being our photographer/cheerleader!  Thanks, Jenn! 😉  My partner and I came in 5th place out of 9 teams and I’m super happy with how it went.  Also, I’m still sore.  Here were the WODs:

WOD 1: 
Teams will have 8 minutes (4 min for female and 4 min for male) to accumulate as many points as possible. The women will use 95lb and men will use 135lb to complete 1 pt- deadlift 2-pt clean and jerk or thruster 3 pt-snatch. Score is total points accumulated in 8 minutes.


Since my max snatch is now 80lb, that was out…so I did a ton of deadlifts with clean & jerks sprinkled in.  I think I accumulated about 100-ish points in the 4 minutes, and my hamstrings were screaming after this one!  I was a little worried that I fried my legs for the next two workouts, but there was no going back.  

WOD 2:

Partner 2,000m row (split anyway, one person has to row at least 500m)
4 rounds
20 partner wall ball toss 14# to 9ft 
15 burpee box jump overs 20″

*There will be TWO scores for this workout. Score one is your 2,000m row time and score two will be your total time to complete the workout (including your row time).

CFS Comp Row

This workout SUCKED.  We split the 2,000 meters up into 500 meter chunks and ended up placing 2nd on the first part, mostly because my partner is an animal on the rower.  Holy cow, having to do wall balls and burpee box jumps after that row was just brutal!  Our legs were toast.


WOD 3: 8 min AMRAP 
600m team run
100 DU (split anyway, one person must do at least 25 DU)
With remaining time accumulate MAX reps for points of the following movements: 1 pt- pull up, 2 pt- CTB, 3 pt- BMU
*score is total points accumulated in remaining time


This was definitely not our workout, as I just got pull-ups and still struggle with double unders.  My partner is a super strong runner, has double unders down and could get through pull-ups and some chest-to-bar pull-ups, so I was just happy to be able to contribute a few pull-ups to our score.  We placed 8th on this workout which wasn’t really a surprise to us, but at least we were DONE with the workouts for the day! 🙂

All in all, we placed 5th in the competition and I’m super happy with that.  I’m ready to keep tackling my weaknesses and get stronger everyday.  Speaking of getting stronger, I just came across this awesome speech/post by Jen Sinkler called “Embracing Your Bigness“, which talks about empowering women and positivity when it comes to strength.  Read it!

That’s all for now! Connect with me on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (kimhobanRD) for all of my CrossFit training, workout updates and more.

What’s your number one fitness goal right now?  Have you ever done a partner competition?  Tell me about it!