A Drop-In at Canandaigua CrossFit

Last weekend, boyfriend and I made a trip to Canandaigua, NY to visit our friends and meet their new baby boy.  Although it was a short trip, we packed in a lot of quality time, good wine and plenty of baby snuggles.  I totally fell in love with the little guy! It’s hard to see in this pic, but he was rocking an Under Armour onesie…he’s a fit dude already!


Of course we still needed to get our sweat on during our visit, so on Saturday morning boyfriend and I headed to CrossFit Canandaigua, right near beautiful Canandaigua Lake, for a drop-in.  


During my last visit to Canandaigua in early June, I was running down at the lake when I saw a group of people across the street doing burpees and lifting barbells outside.  MY PEOPLE! I took a mental note to look up the gym and stop in the next time I was in town.  

CrossFit Canandaigua is inside a shopping plaza, but the gym itself is a good size with big bathrooms and a separate cubby area for members.  They also have a separate room for spinning bikes and offer cycling classes!  We didn’t get a chance to workout outside during our visit, but they have a rig setup out there, tires for flipping and more.  After signing our waivers, the coach and members welcomed us in and we got ready to sweat. 


The WOD was a 3-person relay style workout, so boyfriend and I partnered up with another guy who was dropping in, naming ourselves Team Drop-In.  Only one member of the team was working at any given time and there was an 18-minute time cap, so our strategy was to have our fastest person go first and bank some time.  Boyfriend went first, our new friend Mark went next and I brought up the rear.  Ha! 

The power cleans weren’t terrible, but the burpees over the bar seemed to just drag on.  I wasn’t expecting to be so winded from it that I had trouble breathing on my toes-to-bar.  Plus my grip was shot from the cleans, so I ended up doing many of the 25 TTB as singles.  I’d do one, drop, get back up, do another, etc.  Woof.  The 3 of us finished the movements with about 3:45 left and we had to use the remaining time to to row for max calories.  Each team member rowed 20 calories, then boyfriend got back on and banged out the last few to get us to 72 calories!  Team Drop-In represented for sure!

On our way out, we bought t-shirts for the drop-in fee (I love gyms that do this btw) and I snagged a sticker to add to my WOD book.  I’m happy to know there is a good gym I can visit anytime I’m in CA, which tends to be a few times a year.  Love that town!

Do you schedule time to workout while traveling or on vacay?  What’s your favorite wine right now?  I’m totally loving the wines from Inspire Moore winery we visited on this trip!