Enjoying the Holidays with Self Care and Positivity {Roundup}

Good morning! If you’ve seen my IG stories or snaps, you know I’m down Florida enjoying sunshine and Disney fun.  Instead of blogging this week, I’m trying to soak up the time off with my family, so I put together a roundup post and scheduled it in advance.  Below are some of my recent favorite posts from fellow dietitian bloggers. The holiday season is in full swing and there are endless tips on ways to get or stay “healthy” during the holidays. These posts flip the script a little bit and discuss what it actually means to be “healthy”, why it’s beneficial to sometimes NOT be so healthy, and other ways to create joy and happiness during this time of year.  I hope you enjoy!

How to Cultivate Joy and Magic During the Holidays from Kara Lydon, The Foodie Dietitian.  Kara is just plain awesome and shares these Mindful Monday posts.  I love her advice of looking at the holidays through a lens of love while lowering expectations.

Heather, my favorite Real Talk RD, shared a post on how to not be too “healthy” this holiday weekend.  She wrote it for Thanksgiving, but I think it applies all season long.  

Christmas Ale


Self Care During the Holidays via Rachael at Avocado a Day Nutrition on her Wellness Wednesday series. Spoiler alert–her #1 tip to “give yourself permission” is a welcome reminder for me. We are in control of our decisions, now and all year long, so give yourself permission to say NO to holiday parties you’re not feeling or YES to that second piece of pie.

Intuitive Eating Holiday Survival Guide by Emily Fonnesbeck, RD provides some great insight on how to enjoy the holidays without guilt or shame.  

Weight Loss for Real Life: The Holiday Edition from Lively Table. Kaleigh shares her healthy holiday tips, but from a practical and realistic perspective and that is the key!  

A note about “healthy” living bloggers from Kylie at ImmaEatThat.  Not necessarily related to the holidays, but it’s worth sharing anyway.  The social media/blogging world can be a scary and dangerous place, especially for those prone to or in the midst of disordered eating.  If you don’t read the whole post (which you should, so do it!), my favorite piece: “If there is anyone you follow on social media who makes you “like” yourself less or interferes with you eating according to your cravings…unfollow them.  My rule of thumb is: If when I pull up their IG account they have kale in more than 2 of their 6 most recent IG photos…unfollow.” 


This last one is also not holiday specific, but I love it SO much and had to share. Cara at Street Smart Nutrition shared Why I don’t have a before and after shot and it is pretty much everything I’ve been wanting to say about before and after marketing in the health and nutrition field. Read it and keep in mind that pictures do not tell the whole story about health and happiness.

Happy reading! I’ll be back on Monday with a recap of our Disney adventures. 🙂