Stitch Fix-January 2017

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Another week, another Stitch Fix reveal coming at ya! I scheduled another fix quickly after my December one because I hadn’t kept anything and still wanted to add some pieces to my winter wardrobe.  With some of the nutrition events and talks I have coming up, I requested professional-ish items. Before I dive further into this latest fix, if you still don’t know what Stitch Fix is all about, read more in my first post

My stylist has been great about giving me a mix of things I immediately love as well as pieces outside my comfort zone. She took feedback from my last one (especially about the quality of the items) and sent me an all around great fix this month!  I didn’t have a photographer this time around and the weather was horrible when I got my fix, so this post has indoor mirror and selfie shots. #Life. Anyway, here’s what my 11th Stitch Fix brought:

PIXLEY Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan-$38

This soft, lightweight black cardi was a no-brainer for me.  I actually already own a lot of black cardigans, but this one is different than all of them and has cute slouchy pockets. Kept!

LIVERPOOL Kristy Straight Leg Pant-$88

Out of the box, I looooved these. The color is awesome, the fabric felt extremely durable and they looked high quality. They fit well in some areas, but were too big in others…which is a common problem with dress pants for me.  Hello, big strong thighs and butt! I wanted to keep these, but knew I wouldn’t end up wearing them.  Back they went!

BAY TO BAUBLES Martha 2-set Hoop Earrings-$34

Like I said, my stylist listens to feedback.  I wasn’t a fan of the earrings in my last fix, but she chose a gold set of hoops this time and I love them! They could become a jewelry staple for me, for sure! Kept.

41HAWTHORN Litton Split Neck Blouse-$54

I loved the simplicity and classic style of this top. It’s pretty much exactly what I was asking for and I’m so glad it also fits great.  Keeper!

PAPERMOON Merilee Knit Dress- $54

This dress is super comfortable and the pattern is fun, but I wasn’t thrilled with how it looked on me. I think if it was a solid color or a more subtle pattern, I would have kept it so that I could accessorize in different ways.  I didn’t envision myself wearing it more than once-it just had too much going on.  Sent back!

That’s 3 out of 5 pieces kept from this fix, with the other 2 being packed up and mailed back!  Last month I mentioned that Stitch Fix has partnered with Give Back Box® to make it easy to donate unwanted clothing items to GoodWill. I totally took advantage and used my Stitch Fix box to ship some old clothes.  Typically those donations sit in a bag in my car for months until I remember to drop them off, so thanks Stitch Fix! 🙂

As always, if you want to sign up for Stitch Fix or buy a gift card, I’d love if you use my affiliate links.  I am a Stitch Fix influencer, but used the service prior and continue to pay for all fixes on my own.  If you love any of the pieces I received, be sure to pin them or directly request them in your next fix!