Not Ready to Ditch the Scale? Here Are A Few Things You CAN Do

It’s time to break up with your scale…seriously. So if the thought of throwing away a perfectly good scale gives you serious anxiety, keep reading. If you can’t imagine not waking up each morning and subjecting yourself to a weigh-in, definitely keep reading. This post is for YOU!  I work with many of my clients to help them give up their scales once and for all.    

Just like with other habits, not everyone is comfortable quitting the scale cold turkey.  And if you’re not ready today, that’s okay…but please know that you can get there someday. You CAN be free of relying on one silly number to determine your self worth or happiness. It might just take baby steps.  So if you’ve been thinking about it, but maybe aren’t 100% ready to toss your scale in the trash yet, here are some things you can do to move in that direction.  

  1. Switch your focus to other “measurements”.  There are plenty of ways to determine whether changes in your eating or exercise habits are making an impact on overall health.  These include, but are not limited to:
    • Energy levels
    • Skin/Hair 
    • Blood work results
    • Disease risk factors
    • Quality of sleep
    • Mood
    • Mental clarity
    • Body composition
    • How your clothes fit
    • Self-esteem
    • Fitness levels
    • Athletic performance
  2. Move the damn scale out of the bathroom.  Put it in a super inconvenient spot.  Hide it under your bed, in the closet or in the basement. Find somewhere that you will have to make a real effort to go get it. Many people keep a scale right in the bathroom where they can step on in the morning, evening and anytime they go pee or poop. If you want to still hang onto it (for now), start by moving it out of the bathroom!
  3. Create a self-love ritual.  Do this especially if you’re still hanging onto the habit of weighing in.  I encourage clients to look themselves in the mirror and say one thing they like about themselves before (or after) every weigh-in. It can help to write that something down each day. It may sound a little silly, but it goes a long way to show your body some kindness and counteract any negative thoughts you’re telling yourself based on the number on the scale.
  4. Be curious and pay attention to your thoughts surrounding the weigh-in.  As I said, you don’t have to give up your scale just yet, but start paying attention to what’s happening in the moments before you step on. How do you feel? Anxious? Scared? Are you recounting all the things you did “wrong” and thinking how you’ll “work harder” moving forward.  Once you’ve stepped onto the scale and see the number, what does that number mean to you? Is it a true measure of your worth? How does that number impact the rest of your day? Is it kind? Is it helpful? 
  5. Start questioning the heck out of the scale routine Ask yourself some of these:
    • Why do you continue to weigh yourself? 
    • Where and when did you pick up the habit of stepping on the scale every day/week/month/etc? 
    • How is weighing in on the scale serving you? 
    • How would your life look if you didn’t weigh yourself anymore? What would change? 

These are all totally doable, right? It’s time to stop beating yourself up over things that are often out of your control, like weight. Yes, it sounds a little crazy, but there is only so much control we have over how much we weigh. At the same time, you are 100% in control of how you choose to think and feel about yourself.  So instead of stepping on the scale, how can you choose to realign with some bigger intentions and goals? I know you might not be ready to totally give up the scale today, but ask yourself-what is the one thing you CAN do?  Maybe choose just one of the things from my list. Maybe choose a few. Give them a shot and see what happens.

Baby steps toward the best breakup you’ll ever have. I promise.

Tell me—Do you have a habit of weighing in? Are you a cold turkey quitter? If you ditched the scale, let’s hear your successful strategies.  


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  1. LOVE this post!! I’ve personally ditched the scale and weigh ALL of my clients blind, but have other measurements for all of them that we’ll discuss. I used to focus SO much on the number and now it makes me cringe… when I go to the doctor I tell them not to tell me the number!

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