Something’s Gotta Give

So this space has been pretty quiet lately–no workout updates, no recipes and no rants.  In fact, it’s been well over a month since my last post. I don’t have a huge following here, but I do feel like my loyal readers deserve a little update and some explanation for the silence.

Long story short–I’ve been overwhelmed and something had to give. In early April, I just didn’t feel like writing. With no real drive to post anything, I wasn’t going to force it. Then, life started to get a little bit hectic and I didn’t have time to post even if I felt so inclined. Let me fill you in on what’s been going on in the world of KH Nutrition…

I’ve cut back on seeing clients and am busy immersing myself in the world of Intuitive Eating and disordered eating. I’ve always embraced the non-diet approach, but now I’m taking steps to ensure I’m walking the walk. I’m in the process of becoming a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and am reading/learning/listening to everything I can about IE and Health at Every Size

I also started working at an outpatient eating disorder clinic a few evenings a week. This opportunity kind of came out of nowhere and I couldn’t pass it up. The ED world is what inspired me to get into nutrition, but after becoming an RD I was too nervous and felt under qualified to practice in this space. Here’s my chance to learn and really help people struggling with disordered eating. We’ll see where it takes me!

In addition to switching gears in my side hustle, I also got a promotion at my FT gig. This was somewhat unexpected and is super exciting, but means I have a lot more responsibility and stress. Hence the need to step back a bit from this blog.

The pressure I put on myself to maintain this space is not serving me, so I’m letting it go. I’m not going to worry about trying to come up with new content or post x times a week. With all the things on my plate these days, taking this one thing off is my way of practicing self-care. I’m not quite ready to just quit blogging. That being said, my goal is to keep this space authentic and honest, so if I don’t have time or don’t feel like writing, I just won’t write. 

You can still expect some RD rants and recipes as I work on them, but no pressure and no expectations.  Definitely be sure to follow me on Instagram.  It’s my favorite social media outlet and lately it has become so much more than pretty pictures. Instagram is a place where I can still get my message out there without sitting down to write an entire blog post.  Not to mention Insta stories where I can share my day-to-day eats and adventures. Oh and puppies, I share pictures of puppies there too! 

Thanks for sticking with me and letting me step back, adjust to career/life changes and take care of myself. Xo

5 comments on “Something’s Gotta Give

  1. Kim, I love your honesty and authentic message in this post! You are truly practicing what you preach and that’s something to be proud of, but I know it can be difficult to say “no” to things at the same time. Love watching your journey evolve and hope you’ll be sharing more about your endeavors in the IE/HAES world. When you feel rested and restored, of course 🙂 Until then, I’ll see you on IG!

  2. Yesss to saying yes to things that are serving you and no to things that are not! It’s always okay to take a step back or a break- you readers will be here (and obviously stalking you on insta) <3

  3. So many amazing things you are working on! Way to go girl! I love you are following your passion. You are doing amazing things. I second what Jess said 🙂 You will always have loyal readers and followers with you along the way.

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