The More We Talk About It

I firmly believe that you can’t force change on anyone. It’s part of the reason I hate getting into discussions about politics…the arguments never get anywhere because both sides are typically closed off to truly hearing the other. While listening to a recent BodyLove Project podcast with Jessi Haggerty and Haley Goodrich, where they discussed Brene Brown’s latest work, Braving the Wilderness, I got to thinking about this. Jessi and Haley discussed how you can’t approach an argument by just trying to prove why you’re right, because the other person will just be defensive and the conversation goes nowhere.

Haley also discussed her favorite quote from the book and I got chills listening to her, because this quote had resonated so much with me when I read it as well.

“You’re doing important work. Keep doing it. Keep talking about your work. Don’t stop and don’t let anyone get in your way.” -Brene Brown 

We have to talk about this work.

We don’t have to argue or try to “prove” our point, but we do have to spread the message about an anti-diet and Health at Every Size approach to health and wellness. To other RDs, healthcare professionals and more importantly to our coworkers, families and friends.

If I think about it, social media is the space in which I first discovered the Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size messaging. First, I was intrigued, then immediately needed to better understand, to learn more, to dive deeper into this practice that made so much sense to me. The funny thing is I had mostly been practicing this way already, but I had never had the language to put to my work. I started following more and more anti-diet movers and shakers and unfollowing anyone that would push the message of diet culture. I think that’s how we create change…spreading the word.

The point is…

…the more we talk about a non-diet approach, the more people will take notice. I don’t believe we need to necessarily go on a crusade to convert everyone to Intuitive Eating and body positivity, but I do think we need to just be here doing the work and talking about it so others can see, hear and start to soak it in. If it sparks something in them, as it did in me, they can dip their toes in and start to learn more. They might be ready quickly and want to reach out with questions and engage with the ever-growing IE/HAES community. Or they may not be ready anytime soon and that’s okay too. We’ve all been there. But if and when they’re ready, let’s be open to talking about it.

The photos in my Instagram feed that receive the most comments (hands down) are the ones in which I’m being authentic and vulnerable and/or sharing a quote or message that knocks long-held diety beliefs. Of course my fellow anti-diet RDs always show their support on these posts, but what sticks out to me are the comments I get from old friends, coworkers or family members. They say things like “I needed this reminder today” or “thank you SO much for sharing this”, and “I love how you’re always real in how you eat”. THIS, is where the change can happen. 

So here I am on this blog, and on my IG feed, talking about the bullsh*t messages diet culture sends our way. I’m speaking on podcasts and participating in events where we call the diet industry crap out for what it is and share how we’ve discovered a new way. Which btw, is not all that new. <–Intuitive Eating first came out in 1995, over 20 years ago!

If you’re ready to talk, I’m here. I’d love to hear from you! xo