Our Sweet News!

In case you missed it over on Instagram, I made a big announcement last week…

Our lives are going to get a whole lot sweeter in 2018, as we’re expecting a baby come late May/early June! The boyfriend fiance and I are so excited for this next adventure in our lives. We’ve received nothing but warm wishes since sharing the news with family and friends so we know that El Capitan (our nickname for baby) will be so loved.

Just as an FYI, this space will certainly not turn into a pregnancy/mom blog, but I do plan to share my thoughts on eating, movement and body image as the pregnancy progresses. It definitely has been an interesting experience for me so far! 

We’ve also received a bunch of questions, so I figured I’d answer a few here for ya…

What is your due date? How far along are you?

June 3rd…so 13 weeks!

how are you feeling?

(Knock on wood!) I’m feeling good now. I was zapped of energy for the first few weeks and weeks 8-10ish brought some nausea, but in general I feel lucky to feel really good.

when did you find out?

Right around 4 weeks, the morning of a day-long CrossFit competition!

how did you tell boyfriend? and your families?

Because I found out as I was rushing out the door for a day of CrossFit, I waited to tell him until later that night. I wanted to do something super cute, but in the end I was too excited/overwhelmed to wait or think of something clever. When we got in bed that night, I handed him a card that said “Sh*t just got real!” with a stork on it. 🙂

We told our parents early on–with my parents, I bought a NY Yankees onesie that read “Newest Yankee Fan” on the front and #18 on the back. For his parents, we gave them custom pints of ice cream. 

were you trying?

I honestly feel a little uncomfortable when we get asked this, but for all you nosey poseys–yes, we were trying. 

are you going to find out the gender?

YES. We are both wayyy too impatient to wait for that kind of surprise. 

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on my first trimester experience. Of course, I also want to hear from you! Is there anything you’d like to hear more about when it comes to pregnancy/mom-life? Moms–what do I need to know (besides everything)?

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for the Health Nut

Tis the season to get shopping! For the past few years, I’ve put together a gift guide for the health nut in your life–whether that be a foodie, fitness fanatic or wellness guru. This year, I have another holiday gift guide for ya, featuring some of my personal favorite items, as well as some things that are on my wish list.  Please note there are some affiliate links below, which helps to support this blog and my business, so I appreciate any clicks. Happy shopping!


Meditation app subscription

Meditation has so many health benefits, so in my opinion, this is one of the best gifts you can give to someone. Apps like Calm or Headspace have guided meditations, breathing tools, relaxing music and sleep stories. I personally use and highly recommend Calm, and I love this Calm Box they’ve put together for holiday gifts. For just $89.99, you can give a 1-year subscription, a calm book and essential oil for sleep.

Essential Oil Diffuser

The boyfriend gave me an essential oil diffuser last year at Christmas and I use it every single night. I really like the look of this one from Amazon, but there are so many colors and styles out there.  Plus, don’t forget a good set of essential oils to go along with the diffuser.  You can also go one step further and gift a piece of diffuser jewelry from my favorite Etsy shop: The Curated Carrot.

Kombucha Brewing Kit

If there’s someone on your list who is just obsessed with kombucha, this kit would make an awesome gift. It’s fun (and pretty easy) to brew your own, not to mention it would save a ton of money, given that booch is about $5 a bottle in the stores. We got a home brewing kit a few years back and have started experimenting with different teas and flavors! 

Body Kindness Book

This book from Rebecca Scritchfield is an easy read that is full of tips for living a healthier, happier life. I keep this one on my nightstand and definitely recommend it to all of my clients working on being kinder to themselves and their bodies.

Stance Socks

How fun are these socks!? They make a great gift for the runner or CrossFitter in your life, with endless options for styles and colors. I have a pair of crew socks and a pair of low-cut and love them both equally. 

Float tank gift card

I haven’t tried float (or sensory deprivation) therapy yet, but you can bet this is on my personal holiday wish list! Here on Long Island we have The Float Place, but I’m sure you can find these relaxing places all over the country. Word on the street is it’s like a massage, but even more relaxing!

Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle

Gosh, I love fun reusable water bottles and this one happens to have dual-functionality as an on-the-go foam roller. Plus, it’s super colorful! This would make a great gift for the athlete in your life, who is always in need of some self-massage and hydration.

Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf-Rulu

This scarf is another item that is on my personal wish list, because I have heard amazing things about it. It’s a little bit pricey (hello, it’s Lulu)…but apparently it’s super cozy and can be styled in a few different ways. I love the heathered black and white one! 

Bonus gift ideas: This gratitude journal, these simple bracelets that dress up that hair tie on your wrist, a pair (or two) of Bombas socks, the Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook and this amazing tank from Wags & Weights.

Your turn! Tell me your favorite gear and products from this year! What’s on your holiday wish list?