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4 comments on “Contact

  1. Hi Kim! I just saw your post about your visit to Cross-Fit Variance. Too bad I missed you at that workout- I’m also an RD who works in Boston, fellow cross-fitter and ran the NYC marathon, bet we would have had a lot to chat about 🙂 Love your blog, I will be following along!
    Nicolle Quinn

    • Thanks so much for reading & following! We def have a lot in common. I hope to be back to visit Variance soon! Are you on social media? Would love to connect!

    • Hi Kaitlyn! For Stitch Fix, you do have to pay a $20 styling fee initially, but that is deducted from your total if you keep any items in the fix. If you send it all back, you still get charged the $20 so often times it’s worth it to keep an item!

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