Turket Trot 2010

This Thanksgiving, I was thankful to be able to run in the Turkey Trot 5-mile race.  The course was much more hilly than I am used to running, but I pushed through and ended up with a time of 47:48:10 (9:34 pace). 

Turkey Trot 2010

 My dad ran the 25K race, and I am proud to say he followed his hydration and nutrition plan perfectly and did very well!!!

Dad, Trotting along the 25K route

Food Trends for 2011

This week, Phil Lempert, “The Supermarket Guru“, released his list of food trends we should watch for in 2011.  Click here to read the entire article and all the other great information Lempert posts, but below is a brief list of the trends we will be seeing in the upcoming year.

-A focus on whole foods versus single nutrients or ingredients

-Easier to read (& understand) language on nutrition labels

-Using product barcodes to “checkout” as you move through a supermarket, but also to provide information on the product

-“Food Apps”-from pre-ordering at restaurants to discounts and specials via text message

-A focus on seafood, particularly from the Gulf Region

-Promotion of Vitamin D fortified foods

-Beverages with less carbonation and combinations of real fruit juices.

-“Regional” foods instead of only “local”; concentration will be on the taste and cultures of an area

-A renewed sense of social responsibility: Consumers are expected to tackle issues including hunger, humane treatment of animals and public policy.