Pregnancy Clothing & Cravings

After my last (pretty honest) post on pregnancy, it was easy to see that I’m not alone in my food and body struggles during this time of transition. I appreciate all of your comments and continue to find comfort in the #realtalk coming from friends and colleagues on this journey. 

El Capitan (baby’s nickname) is 19 weeks now, so just about halfway there and I figured it’s about time to pop in with an update. I’m feeling really good and things are starting to get real–we find out the gender next week! In the meantime, let’s talk a little bit about what I’ve been wearing and eating. 

What I’m Wearing

Thred Up

Lots of Three Seasons Maternity pieces from Thred Up (referral link). If you aren’t familiar, Thred Up is an online thrift/consignment store and I’m pretty much obsessed with it. Even more so now that I am pregnant and need clothes to fit this ever changing body without spending a gazillion dollars on maternity wear. 

Thred Up has non-maternity, kids, jewelry, accessories and more, but I’m totally digging on the Three Seasons Maternity brand these days. I’ve purchased several pieces (including the top pictured above) and I love how they don’t necessarily look like maternity clothes (aka scrunchy sides). One of my earliest maternity purchases was a pair of Ann Taylor Loft maternity jeans for only $16.77. Seriously, pretty much every piece I’ve purchased has been priced at less than $20 and most items are “new with tags”! Plus their return policy is awesome if you need to send things back.

EDITED TO ADD: ThredUp has provided my readers an amazing offer! Use promo code KIMHOBANRD to get 50% off all first-time orders (up to $50). This code is valid through the end of March, so get on it!!!


Stitch Fix

If you follow this me at all, you already know I love Stitch Fix (referral link), so I was excited to schedule my first fix while pregnant. My stylist sent a mix of maternity and non-maternity items so that they would last beyond a few months. I kept everything and have another fix scheduled in a few weeks! 



Another staple these days have been these Blanqi leggings. They’re a little pricey, but Kelly shared a Black Friday deal when they were 50% and I jumped on it. They’re super comfortable and stretchy, though I have noticed they’re starting to pill a little. If you have any tips on managing that, please share!

Anything Cozy

When I’m not heading out of my house for work or play, I’m lounging around in lots of comfy pajama pants and boyfriend’s oversized sweatshirts. (#realtalk) I’ve received a lot of questions on my workouts during pregnancy, so stay tuned for a separate post on that, including what I’m wearing to the gym. Spoiler alert: I’m not finding great maternity activewear. 🙁

What I’m Eating

I’m still loving dairy products, though it seems to be calming down a little. I’m no longer gulping down milk by the glass while stirring a pot of mac’n’cheese. 🙂  My friends at Muuna (I mentioned them briefly in my FNCE recap) sent me an amazing package of cottage cheeses last month, which made this dairy-loving pregnant lady very happy, but didn’t last too long before I had to restock.

Cereal is also still a staple for me, though I continue to switch up the brands/flavors. Bran flakes are a must-have, but other favorites lately are Kix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Peanut Butter Puffins. 

The second trimester brought my energy back, meaning I am now cooking (a little) more often and tolerating veggies again. Eggs are still touch-and-go and avocado has literally made me vomit, but I feel more “normal” these days. Carby foods are my jam (see above: cereal), but I’ve also been enjoying fish, cooked veggies, soups and stews. My intuitive eating practice has become more solidified with this pregnancy and I’m trusting that my body knows what to do, especially when it comes to food. 

That’s all for now. I’d love to hear what questions you have for me as I share my pregnancy journey! So far I’ve received a lot of requests to talk about my journey with fitness while pregnant, so that post will be coming soon. Have a great week, y’all!

Introducing Stitch Fix Men…aka that time I dated a model ;)

Introducing Stitch Fix Men…aka that time I dated a model ;)

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, however Stitch Fix is a service I have used and loved for a while now. By posting this review I am entering a contest sponsored by Stitch Fix Men and am eligible to win a prize, however I was not compensated for my time.

Y’all know how much I love Stitch Fix, but the launch of Stitch Fix Men has me digging it even more.  I jumped at the chance to order a fix for boyfriend and last week it arrived on our doorstep.
SF door

Before I get into the pieces in our first men’s fix, let me back up and say boyfriend is not a fashionable guy.  He doesn’t tend to care what he looks like and definitely doesn’t notice when things start to shrink or get holes or wear thin.  If I didn’t buy him new clothes, he’d definitely still be wearing old t-shirts from his high school days along with ill-fitting pants.  I love him very much, but his style is definitely not what attracted me to him. When not in uniform or workout gear, his go-to outfit is jeans and a tee shirt (usually CrossFit related, see photo below). He’s also colorblind, so without guidance, some of those outfits can be pretty interesting!
SF Men Box 1

Long story short, the personalized style of Stitch Fix is perfect for someone like my fashionably-challenged man.  He I filled out a profile, including his fit, size and style preferences and his stylist chose items that would bolster his wardrobe and included tips for how to wear each piece. 

Stitch Fix Men Style

Stitch Fix Men stocks a range of established and emerging brands such as Ben Sherman, Threads 4 Thought, Original Penguin and Woolrich.  I’m a fan of Threads 4 Thought in particular, as they produce ethical and sustainable pieces using organic cotton and recycled polyester.

T4T Hoodie

Although he’s not into fashion and clothing, boyfriend definitely enjoyed getting this fix and trying everything on.  He was such a good sport and modeled for me, so I can share each piece with you too!  Let’s recap what he got.

Mavi Matt Relaxed Leg Jean- $98.00

Mavi Relaxed Leg Jean

These jeans were a comfortable, stretchy material and looked great on him.  Bonus points for fitting a narrow waist AND long legs simultaneously.  That’s definitely not easy to find with mens pants!  I also don’t think boyfriend or I would have picked out black denim, but that’s exactly what I love about Stitch Fix–it’s a chance to try something different!  They were a little too expensive, however, so these jeans were sent back.

Ezekiel Fairmont Dobby Shirt-$57.00

SF Men Plaid

This shirt was the only one I knew wouldn’t be a favorite right out of the box.  Up close, the detailed pattern was a little too cowboy-ish, rather than being normal plaid, and it just didn’t work.  The shirt fit great though, which again is no easy task on a thin man with a broad back and muscular shoulders.  

Threads 4 Thought Confetti Pullover Hoodie-$48.00

SF Confetti

I liked the simplicity of this thin hoodie, which was grey with confetti color detailing, but from far away looked almost oatmeal.  Boyfriend liked this piece too, but didn’t seem himself wearing it, so we sent it back.

Original Penguin Chris Reversible Long Sleeve Tee-$69.00

SF Men Penguin

Another super comfy top with the added bonus of being reversible (it was blue striped on the other side).  I’ve heard good things about the Original Penguin brand, but in the end neither of us could justify such a high price tag for a long sleeve tee.

Threads 4 Thought Malibu Triblend Colorblock Hoodie-$59.00

Stitch Fix Men T4T Hoodie

loved this hoodie and think my man looks great in it.  I know hoodies and activewear are his thing, but I appreciated how the fact that it was a hoodie didn’t mean it was shapeless and baggy.  The material was incredible and I liked the baseball tee-style color blocking.  Unfortunately, this was sent back also due to the price tag, but I’m kind of regretting that I didn’t just splurge and buy it for him.  I might have to ask for it again in a future fix! 😉


If you’re looking to style the man in your life, or give the gift of style, I definitely recommend Stitch Fix Men.  While we didn’t end up keeping anything in this fix, I still have to say I think the stylist nailed it.  All of the pieces were perfect for my active dude and his style.  More than that, I was pleasantly surprised (shocked even) at how well everything fit him! It is pretty hard for us to find clothes that fit a tall, thin-framed (but muscular) guy, and all of these pieces, including the jeans, fit really really well.  I’m glad to know I can turn to my trusted Stitch Fix when it’s time to restock and update his wardrobe again.  

Is there a man in your life in need of some Stitch Fix fun?  What do you think of the pieces boyfriend received?