Brooklyn Half Training Week 5

I can’t believe I’m already 5 weeks into training for the Brooklyn Half marathon.  I felt like my first two recaps got pretty lengthy since they were 2 weeks, so today I’ll recap just last week!  Let’s see how it went…

Monday: CrossFit.  We learned medicine ball cleans & sumo dead lift high pulls.  An a WOD:


Tuesday: 4 miles (9:53 average pace)

Wednesday: More CrossFit 🙂
Building up from Monday, we learned hang/power cleans then did another workout:

3 rounds of 3 min AMRAP (2min rest between rounds):
1. 5 cleans, 10 push-ups
2. 4 cleans, 10 sit-ups
3. 3 cleans, 3 burpees

Thursday: CrossFit.  Seriously, who am I?  Today we upgraded from the clean to the snatch.  We had a different instructor than usual and I honestly wasn’t feeling him.  We didn’t get a lot of feedback on our form, and given that snatches are one of the toughest moves in CF, I was annoyed by that.

The WOD was 3 rounds: 200 meter run, 10 snatches, 10 situps

Friday: 3 miles Rest.  I was stressed and needed to pack for Cherry Blossom and travel for this week, so I skipped my run.

Saturday: Rest.  And #allthepita at dinner to carb up for the Cherry Blossom race!


After dinner in DC!


Sunday:  Cherry Blossom! 10 miles (10:01 average pace).  I “bandited” this race by running with Beth’s bib since she has a #brokenwing and couldn’t.  Allison and I ran together the whole time and just had fun taking in the sights.  Overall, awesome weekend with my favorite runner friends.  🙂

Weekly Mileage: 14 (probably a little on the low side, but oh well.  I’ll step it up this week!)

Are you training for a spring race?  Did you run Cherry Blossom!?  Tell me about it!



Brooklyn Half Training Week 3 &4

So I woke up this morning to SNOW.  It’s March 31st, it’s spring…and it’s STILL SNOWING.  Seriously?!  This winter is not giving up.  Luckily, I’ve still been getting my training done…so let’s talk about that.

Monday (3/17): Rest. I had originally planned to start those CrossFit classes, but my buddy got sick so we pushed it back.  Aaaaaand it was St. Patrick’s Day so I ended up going out for a Guiness with the bf. 🙂

Tuesday (3/18): 4 easy + 1 mile at 9:06 pace (5 total)  I did more Long Island exploring and took my crazy pants out!


Crazy pants came out to play!

Wednesday (3/19): Spin (45min)-We had a sub for spin class at NYSC and it was even worse than usual. If that’s possible.  I swear, NYSC seriously needs to step up their game.  This instructor had a terrible playlist, was neverwith directions and her countdowns were TOTALLY off.  Don’t tell me to push for 30 seconds, when it ends up being 90! RAGE.

Thursday (3/20): 4 easy (9:52 avg pace).  I had to run veryyy early before work and therefore this was a treadmill run.  Not my favorite run, but got it done.

Friday (3/21): Yoga.  Much needed.

Saturday (3/22): 7 easy (10:01 avg pace).  I headed over to Bethpage State Park again and got lost on some trails and it was amazing.

photo 1

Awesome trails

Sunday (3/23): Rest day (+ foam rolling/stretching).  And playing with this guy:

photo 2




Monday (3/24): CrossFit 516.  We did intro work focusing on form for deadlifts and KB swings.  Then did a mini WOD…Descending ladder of deadlifts and burpees (10 deadlifts, 10 burpees, 9 deadlifts, 9 burpees, etc).  Needless to say, I was out of breath and felt it the next day.

Tuesday (3/25): My schedule had 5 easy (with 1-1.5 last miles at 9:15).  I was in Astoria after work for a dinner date later, so I ran through my old hood!  I even had a man offer to take a touristy picture for me! 😉

Astoria Love! <3

Astoria Love! <3

Wednesday (3/26): CrossFit.  This class was all about squats.  My favorite! Not kidding.  We practiced air squats, front squats and overhead squats.  Which was probably enough to leave me legs burning.  But then we did a workout too..5 minutes of 3 front squats/3 pushups, 6 front squats/6 pushups, etc as high as we could go.  Then 3 minute rest, then another 5 minute ladder up.  Woof.

Thursday (3/27): Rest [I had 4 miles on schedule and although I was sore I could’ve still done them.  I just didn’t feel like it!]

Friday (3/28): Rest.

Saturday (3/29): 8 easy (10:18 average pace).  This run was a struggle pretty much the entire time.  My legs felt tired (not really sore anymore, just tired) and I couldn’t get settled.  Thankfully, I had tucked my phone running buddy in my SpiBelt for encouragement and motivation.  Oh, and it was finally warm enough to run in shorts!  Win!


Shorts + Compression Socks!

Sunday (3/30): Yoga/Stretching.  My legs still don’t feel 100% and my hips are really tight.  Hoping this will loosen up soon…until then, lots of rolling/stretching!


This week, I’ll be doing more CrossFit and I’m off to DC with my favorite runners for Cherry Blossom this weekend!  We had a blast last year so I’m really looking forward to running this race again.  Be on the lookout for my race recap as well as the next few weeks of training! 🙂