Fall Stitch Fix Take Two!

Remember a few weeks back I shared my fall Stitch Fix? For the first time since I started getting fixes, I didn’t keep anything.  Not one piece.  It was a bummer!  If you have absolutely no clue what I’m talking about, learn more about Stitch Fix (affiliate link) here in my first post or check out some of my past fixes here, here and here.

With the arrival of fall weather, I still wanted some new pieces, so I left detailed feedback for my stylist and immediately scheduled another fix. It arrived last week and I can’t wait to show you what I got.  I typically “stalk” my items before my packages even arrives, but it’s still so fun to come home and see that Stitch Fix box on your doorstep!

My stylist checked out my Pinterest board and definitely listened to the feedback I had left on my last fix.  I requested pieces that I could wear with leggings and boots for work or casually. Here’s what she sent…

SF Green

41 Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse-$48

This top was one I had pinned a long time ago and while I do love the style and color of it, I now have a few tops that are really similar to this one.  I also didn’t feel like it was worth the pricetag.  Verdict: return.

SF 9 Dress

THML Aubrie Embroidered Dress-$78

Immediately out of the box I loved this dress.  I’m all about the boho-style and I definitely find myself drawn toward maroon pieces.  She suggested I style it with brown boots and a denim jacket, which is a fab idea.  Unfortunately the fit was a little too big and the sleeves were a tad too long.  I didn’t feel like it gave me any shape and it’s somewhat pricey for a dress I wouldn’t get a ton of use out of.  Verdict: return.  

Cowl Neck Knit

Laila Jayde Layola Cowl Neck Knit Top-$58

Y’all, this top is amazing.  The fabric is super cozy, the cowl neck is perfect for fall, it has that unique slanted detailing at the bottom, and there are thumb holes.  I repeat: thumb holes.  I basically feel like I’m wearing a running top, while looking stylish.  Win!  I chose a casual style with jeans from a past fix and converse, but I can see myself wearing this with leggings and boots too! Verdict: definitely keep.

Stitch Fix Slit Detail Knit

Papermoon Kaplin Side Slit Detail Knit Top-$48

Meh.  I wasn’t thrilled with the purple color when I first saw this top, but it was lightweight and cozy feeling, so I gave it a shot!  It felt boxy on top. the sleeves were too short and I didn’t love the slit detail on the sides.  Verdict: return.

Stitch Fix Fanned Fringe Necklace

Bay to Baubles Velma Fanned Fringe Necklace-$28

While I wasn’t really looking for accessories, this necklace won me over. The fringe look is fun, I can definitely dress it up or down and the price point was on par with what I prefer to spend on jewelry.  Verdict: keeper.

Though I only kept two out of the five pieces in this fix, I consider it a win.  I’m obsessed with that cowl neck top and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it and the necklace.  As usual, I left a lot of detailed feedback on sizing and style for the returned items so my fixes will continue to be better tailored to my preferences.  My next fix is scheduled for January, and I can’t wait to share what shows up on my doorstep then. Stitch Fix Men also just launched, so I’m thinking about ordering a fix for boyfriend too.  I doubt he’d model for us, but I think it’d be a fun and painless way to help him up his wardrobe game.  Stay tuned! 😉

Do you schedule fixes monthly or seasonally?  What would you have kept from this box?  Would your man be into Stitch Fix Men?

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Fall Fashion with Stitch Fix #8

Happy Monday!  Today I’m interrupting the regularly scheduled programming of food and fitness posts with another fashion one.  AKA my latest Stitch Fix came and I wanted to share it with y’all.  

SF8If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix, go back and read my first post about it here.  The links in this post are affiliate links (meaning I get a referral credit if you sign up using my links) but the good news is that you can turn around and send out your own referral code to get credit toward future fixes.  

In case you missed my summer fix, it was awesome and I kept everything, so I was excited to see what my stylist would send for the fall.  This time around I asked for some longer tops that I could pair with leggings and boots and maybe a dress that transitions from summer to fall.  I’ve been trying to schedule my fixes once a season, so I can add to my wardrobe without blowing my shopping budget.  With the cool weather just starting to come around, my fall fix arrived just in time!  Fair warning that my photographer for this “fashion show” (boyfriend) was being a little fussy, but we tried as  best we could to capture the pieces.  Don’t mind the laughing and judgmental faces I’m making!  Now let’s dive right into what I received.


Jamie Knit Top-$38 

I liked the fit and casual style of this top, but the fabric was super thin and the gold stripes made it look cheap.  I didn’t see myself actually wearing it, so although it was comfortable and cute when I put it on, this one was definitely returned.

Adorra Skinny Jean-$88

Meh.  I thought these jeans were black as I took them out of the box, which would have been great, but they are just a really dark denim.  The fit was a little snug on my waist, but otherwise they were nice and stretchy feeling on my legs.  This is not usually the case with skinny jeans and my muscular legs, plus the length was great!  I just don’t need another pair of denim skinnies right now and they price point is pretty high for me.  Sent back!


Iglesia Pleated Blouse-$48

Out of the box, this top seemed like exactly what I was hoping for!  It’s long enough to wear with leggings and the sleeves can be worn full length or rolled up and buttoned.  I liked the pattern and the pleating at the chest was flattering, but when I put on my black leggings and boots I realized the colors in the top were actually navy, not black.  I only really wear black leggings, so this top wasn’t going to work.  Sent back!

Knit Top

Pherine Sleeve Detail Knit Top-$58

The color of this top is perfect for fall, plus it’s a color I usually look good in.  That’s where the positives end, though.  The material is awful and it was stretchy in some spots but saggy in others, plus that detail on the arms just made it look cheap.  I can’t even bring myself to post a picture of me wearing it.  SENT BACK IMMEDIATELY.


Whitnee Knit Dress-$64

This dress is exactly what I was envisioning when I asked for a dress that could transition to fall.  It was comfortable, but again the fabric was thin (pretty much see through) and I felt like it hugged my stomach and butt a little too tight to be appropriate for work.  Not surprisingly, this one went back too.

As you can tell, this wasn’t my favorite fix.  Everything went back, which is never fun!  In fact, this was the first time I’ve ever sent all 5 pieces back.  I did make sure to leave detailed feedback about why I didn’t keep each item (this is key for future fixes) and also reached out to customer service to let them know I was pretty disappointed.  I felt like my stylist did do a great job of listening to what I was asking for and personalizing my style recommendations.  I love when they take note of what other Stitch Fix items I’ve received and provide tips for pairing old and new pieces together!  However, I wasn’t thrilled with the quality of these items, especially given the price points.  So, back it all went…but don’t fear! I’m not giving up on Stitch Fix!  I truly love the service and want some new fall pieces, so I scheduled another fix for next week. Stay tuned! 🙂

What did you think of my fix? Would you have kept anything? Have you tried Stitch Fix yet–why or why not?!