A Race Tradition + The Importance of Being Social

Running the NYRR Gridiron 4-mile race has become something of a tradition for me each year.  My running buddy Beth and I first ran it together in 2013 and every year I get to catch up with her and lots of NYC runner friends at this laid back race on Super Bowl morning.

Y’all know I’m not much into running these days…I mean, did you see my HUGE back squat PR!?;) That being said, it’s not all that hard to convince me to come into the city for a few miles with friends in Central Park. Especially when those miles are easy paced! 

After the race, Beth, Steph, Ashley and I headed to brunch at Spring Natural Kitchen. We were all SO hungry and everything on the menu sounded delicious.

I ordered the Mayan Eggs and it totally hit the spot! The plantains were what really sealed the deal for me, but you really can’t go wrong with eggs, guac, rice and beans. I totally loved Spring Kitchen and can’t wait to go back and try some of the other menu items.

Of course, it was also great to catch up with my NYC runner ladies, who I don’t see nearly enough anymore now that I live on Long Island.  The distance makes it tough to see each other, plus I come in for races a lot less often now that I spend more time on CrossFit.  I definitely spent some of brunch trying to convince the ladies to sip the CrossFit koolaid! 😉

When everyone else went on to their Super Bowl plans, I headed home to prepare for the week. The whole country was watching the big game and I was busy cooking and recipe testing (stay tuned for a fun one this week). To be honest, this was perfect for me as I already spent the morning with my runner friends and wanted to be prepared for the busy week ahead.  And, as an introvert (borderline hermit), social plans don’t come easy to me. I definitely need my alone time to decompress and not have to chat or make small talk.  I would have been miserable going from brunch with friends to a Super Bowl party where I’d have to be around more people.  

Balancing social plans and my introvert ways is something I’m still working on. Part of my plan to achieve more of this balance in 2017 is to schedule social plans at least once a month. With a growing side business, I tend to devote my “free time” to business-y things like blogging, recipe development and client meetings.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day and just “forget” to make plans with friends, family or even that guy I share my home with. 😉  I tend to get stuck in a homebody rut if I don’t commit to a real plan, like I did with the Gridiron 4-mile race tradition. Reaching out and putting plans on my calendar is already making all the difference, because I’m truly happier when I spend time with my people…and then go home to be by myself for a bit. 🙂

Did you go to a Super Bowl party?Are you an introvert or social butterfly? How do you strike a balance? Teach me your ways!

What’s New on the Fitness Front

TGIF, y’all! I figured it’s time to share what’s new and exciting on the fitness front, since I’ve mostly been posting recipes and nutrition tidbits. If you follow my Instagram stories, you’ve probably seen some of my recent activity, but let’s recap anyway.   

First, I’m so excited to share that you can find me on today’s episode of I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein!

I’ve written about the podcast on the blog before because I’m such a big fan.  Lindsey brings on awesome and inspiring women to have real conversations about all sorts of stuff–running, current events, body image, parenting, nutrition and more.  I have to admit I was nervous at first because I wasn’t sure what I could possibly bring to the table for her listeners, but it was such a blast chatting with her anyway.  I hope our conversation gave some truth and insight into my life as an everyday person/partner/friend/runner/Crossfitter and my career as a nutrition coach. Definitely go check out today’s episode (and subscribe to get all of the other episodes!) and let me know what you think!  

For the rest of my fitness fun update, let’s talk CrossFit.  I recently bought the new Nike Metcon 3 shoes and have to say I love them! I’m usually Team Reebok, but have heard such good things that I decided to give these a shot. Normally, I’d wait for the older version to be on sale, but I used gift cards from Christmas and didn’t end up spending that much for the latest version. #trendy

So far I’ve worn the Metcons a few times. The heel is pretty stable and solid and the toe area is wider than I was expecting, but they’re comfortable for sure.  I also wore them to squat once and they were a million times better than the nanos for that.  I still wear my Reebok lifters for most weightlifting stuff, but it’s good to know the Metcons will hold up for barbell work in the middle of a WOD.

Speaking of squatting, I’m finishing up Week 5 of a 6-week squat program.  I started the Russian Squat Program with the goal of increasing my back squat and making all of my other lifts stronger.  It’s 3 days a week, working off of at least 80% of my current one-rep maximum and it seems to be working beautifully.  I feel stronger and more confident each time I squat, so I’m excited to retest at the end of the program.

Last but not least, the CrossFit Open is just under a month away! My gym has been programming more open-style workouts (read: long, ugly, kick-your-butt style WODs), but if I’m being honest, I’m struggling to get excited for the Open. Maybe it’s because I’ve been loving this squat program and focusing on olympic lifting and strength, but I’m not all that nervous or pumped for what is to come this year. That being said, I did already register and I’ll be awaiting the announcement of 17.1, so hopefully the excitement will follow.  Stay tuned and for now…have a great, sweaty weekend!

What’s your current fitness routine looking like? Have you listened to I’ll Have Another? I’d love your thoughts on my episode!