Stitch Fix: December 2016

Stitch Fix: December 2016

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Happy Friday! I’m back to share my latest Stitch Fix with y’all.  I honestly forgot that I’d scheduled it for last week, so it was a fun post-Christmas surprise!  For anyone who doesn’t know about Stitch Fix yet, it’s a clothing service where a stylist sends you 5 pieces of clothing, accessories and/or shoes. You try it all on at home and then decide what you want to purchase and what to send back. It works wonderfully for me because A) I hate shopping/malls/lines and B) I’m not the most fashionable person out there.

With each fix I receive, I continue to be impressed by both the service as a whole and my stylist, Hannah.  She checks out my Pinterest board and really does listen to the feedback I give on each item and fix.  She also pushes me out of my comfort zone with some items I would never choose for myself. This December fix (my 10th!) was more in my style “wheelhouse”, but that didn’t make it any less fun to bust open and try on! I didn’t have any specific requests this time around, so here’s what my stylist sent:

Fate Salena Mixed Material Pullover-$64

This top is cozy and simple, with little details like the pocket and trim that make it more than just a plain long sleeve tee.  The fit was off–the sleeves were too long, the shoulder seam came down to my bicep, etc.  Not to mention, my closet is already all sorts of shades of grey, so while I wanted to like this top, I didn’t keep it.

Mixed Material Pullover

Bay to Baubles Laura Mini Earring Set-$28

While I didn’t ask for accessories specifically, I definitely am in need of an “everyday” pair of earrings. This set of silver earrings fit the bill, but unfortunately, I’m wearing mostly gold these days.  To be honest, I also think they looked kind of cheap, so back these went too! 

Bay to Baubles

Pro-tip: I always give my stylist ALL of my feedback, good or bad, when checking out. It helps her customize my fixes and on a larger scale, gives Stitch Fix as a company feedback to consider as they partner with clothing and accessory brands. I truly have had nothing but good experiences with SF customer service along the way!

Skies Are Blue Sisou Button Down Top-$58

Edyson Mayfare Bootcut Jean-$58

Stitch Fix #9

This button down fit me really well (in a comfy, casual way) and it has two layers so it’s heavier than a normal plaid top without being overly thick like a flannel. My stylist couldn’t have known, but I have a really similar red plaid button down already, so I can’t justify keeping this one.

I totally didn’t expect to find bootcut jeans when I pulled them out of my box. Maybe it’s my lack of fashion sense, but I thought bootcut was out and skinny jeans were in? 😉 The jeans are super comfortable and fit really well in the butt and thighs, which is not an easy task. I’m bummed to say they also ended up going back.  It’s only because the inseam was too long for my short little legs and I will never go to get them hemmed.  Also, I wear flats 99% of the time and think bootcut pants look weird with flat shoes.  But who knows, I could be wrong on that too. I’m not a fashion expert, obviously.

Market & Spruce Wilco Solid Quilted Vest-$68

Remember how I said the stylists pay attention and try to choose things they know you’ll love? This is a perfect example of that. I’m SUCH a vest person and probably have about 1 million of them on my Pinterest board.  I also own like four that I wear all the time.  I loved the bright blue color of this vest, but otherwise I wasn’t a fan.  The fabric felt fairly thin and the gold zipper looked cheap and clunky.  As much as I really wanted to keep something in this fix, this had to go back too.img_3797

Overall this fix wasn’t the best for me, but it is still always a fun experience.  I’m looking it as a sign from the universe to save my pennies for next time! I’m planning to clean up my Pinterest board a bit (no more vests) and request more specifics for the next one, which is of course already scheduled. 😉

One more thing about how great Stitch Fix is—for the months of January and February, they have partnered with GoodWill to make it easy to donate unwanted clothing or household goods.  Here’s the deal with the Give Back Box®…Just package up clothing or household goods you wish to donate in your Stitch Fix box (or any box!) and print a free shipping label. Then, drop it at any post office or UPS drop-off location, or simply leave it at your doorstep for USPS pickup. Awesome, right? I’m definitely going to do this with some stuff I’ve been meaning to get rid of! 

As always, if you want to sign up for Stitch Fix yourself or buy a gift card for someone else to use, I’d looove if you use my affiliate links.  I am a Stitch Fix influencer, but happily used the service before I became one and I continue to pay for fixes on my own.  If you love any of the pieces I received, be sure to pin them for your Stitch Fix stylist or directly request them in your next fix!

Happy fixing, friends! 

My Year in WODing: 2016

My Year in WODing: 2016

With New Years Eve just one day away, it’s truly time to wrap up the year. In case you missed it, I shared my most popular posts and recipes of 2016 here so check those out too.  Today we’re expanding on the fitness section of that post with a Year in WODing. For the past few years, I’ve shared a “Year in Running” post, recapping my best races and running experiences of each year.  If you’re interested, you can find those posts here, here and here. My loyal readers will know I don’t have much to recap on the running front this year, as I haven’t been running much at all.  So instead, here we have 2016: My Year in WODing.

Best Crossfit experience? Hands down, the Flex on the Beach team competition. It was a beautiful day full of fitness, I had such a great time with my team and a clean PR didn’t hurt!

Clean PR

Favorite WOD? It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the most memorable for me was Open Workout 16.2.  It’s fun to look back now and see how far I’ve come since then too!

Favorite movement? The clean. I can’t believe I just typed that, but it’s true.  Check out this IG video of my latest PR and stay tuned for even more progress!

Best new piece of gear?  Again Faster Jump Rope. I struggled for a long time with my fancy schmancy Rx Speed rope that turned out to just be too speedy for me.  I’m not exactly the double-under queen yet, but I’m getting there with my new rope.

Credit: @hai_intensity

Credit: @hai_intensity

Best piece of advice you received. “Drop under the bar.”-Coach Alex at CrossFit Smithtown.  Something clicked for me in both my cleans and snatches when she said this one day during our Olympic Lifting class. I was too focused on pulling or pressing the bar up and that one cue helped me learn to drop faster underneath.  

Most inspirational athlete.  My friend Jenn at CF Smithtown, who worked out throughout her entire pregnancy (her water literally broke at the gym) and has made an awesome comeback after having her baby girl. Bigtime (eventual) #pregnancygoals AND #momgoals!

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Progress, not perfection.