Marathon Training: Week 10

Remember last week, when I said I was scared about this week’s workouts?  Turns out I had reason to be.  This week was TOUGH.  I did strength, crosstraining, speedwork and a freakin 20 mile long run!  I’m more than halfway through my training cycle and  other than some normal aches, pains and fatigue, I’m feeling great.  So let’s recap this week:

Monday: Refine sweat date with Beth & Allison.  Katie had us do lots of weighted squats, side lunges, single-leg deadlifts, etc.  Ouch!

Tuesday: Coach  gave me 7 miles with 3 mile repeats @ 8:25 pace!!! Who does she think I am giving me those paces?! 🙂  I ended up only running 6.5 miles because I was running late and my actual mile repeats were 8:24, 8:27, 8:29.  Holy crap.  You guys, running fast is HARD.  Especially after taking Refine less than 12 hours before! But as much as I despise speedwork, it kind of felt good to push myself and realize I could hit these paces.  It was exhausting and I was uncomfortable the whole time, but I guess that’s the point.  And as an added bonus-I accidentally PR’ed my 5k distance!  Moral of the story-If you want to get faster, hire a running coach. 

Wednesday: Another sweat date with Beth & Allison, this time at FlyWheel!  My legs were still incredibly sore from Refine and the speedwork Tuesday morning probably didn’t help.  This class was a special 60-minute ride with both Dani and Ryan, with an awesome playlist from their trip to London.  I don’t think I was able to hit any of the numbers they were calling out, but I still worked up a serious sweat. 

Thursday: 7 easy miles with six 1-minute pick-ups (10:15 average pace).  My legs were still sore and I felt pretty slow (even during the pick-ups) but I didn’t care.  7 miles before 7am is always a success!

Friday: Rest.  Thank goodness!

Saturday: Unplanned rest day.  Coach had 3 easy miles on the schedule, but I ended up skipping it and taking another rest day. 

Sunday: 20 mile long run (10:19 average pace), including NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile race


Love these ladies!

I had signed up for the Fifth Ave Mile race to meet my NYRR 9+1 requirements, not realizing that I’d have to do it during a (very) long run.  Since I knew I wouldn’t want to run 19 miles AFTER running one really fast, I decided to do it smack in the middle of the run!  I got up early and over Queensboro into Manhattan for 8 miles before meeting up with Beth for a 1 mile warm-up.  Abby said I should have no problem running a 7:45, but I wasn’t so sure, especially with 9 miles on my legs and 10 more to go after.  I haven’t done a 1 mile timed race since high school, so really had no idea how to “race” this.  It was strange running in a wave by age group rather than pace, because I couldn’t base my speed off of anyone else.  When the gun went off, I tried to start conservatively but ended up going out really fast.  When I hit the 1/4 mile marker, I pulled it back and tried to keep my pace anywhere under 8-min miles.  At the 3/4 mile marker, I pushed it a little more and before I knew it the race was over.  Official result: 7:20 pace!  (WHAT?!) The scarier part is I think I could’ve pushed more if I knew what I was doing and if I wasn’t nervous about the 10 additional miles I would be running!  Insane.

I quickly found Abby, her friend and Steph after the race and we did some NYRR/MarathonFoto modeling while we waited for the rest of the girls to finish.  The photographers just couldn’t get enough of us!


MarathonFoto loves us!



Everyone ran amazing PRs (or really close to it) for this race and I couldn’t be more proud of my awesome runner friends!!! Especially Beth, for knocking 38 seconds off her mile PR!  Ridiculous!

After the race, Beth, Allison, Steph and I finished our long runs together.  We ran North along the East River, through Central Park to the West Side and down the WSH.  The other girls were running anywhere from 8-12 miles and it was awesome to have them with me during my last 10.  They definitely helped me keep my pace up, made sure I was feeling okay and made those miles fly by!  Thanks, ladies! xo

20 freakin miles!

I finished 20 miles, feeling good and super proud of myself.  I woke up a little creaky and have a few pains today, but I feel so much better than I expected! 

Total weekly mileage:  33.5

I have to say, I had a pretty kickass week of training.  I know it’s still a few months away, but I finally feel like I CAN RUN THIS MARATHON!  Bring it on, Week 11!


Snack Attack: What’s In My Desk?

Be prepared.

That’s the motto of the Boy Scouts of America, and also one of my favorite nutrition tips! Preparation is essential to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and can include meal planning, creating shopping lists, shopping, cooking and storing meals. It also means buying and keeping healthy snacks around. Being prepared means you’ll never be stuck up the river without a paddle. Or in our case, sitting at your desk at 3pm, starving and rationalizing that a Snickers is a healthy snack because it has peanuts!

I don’t know about you, but I get pretty cranky when I’m hungry. So when it comes to being prepared, you can bet I practice what I preach! Even if I can’t make the weekly meal prep happen, I always have quick healthy snacks on hand. You will almost always find trail mix or a KIND bar in my purse. And my desk at work is full of healthy snacks I can grab in a pinch (or offer to starving co-workers). 

So if you ever wondered what an RD keeps in her desk at work…or are looking for some quick, easy and healthy ideas to keep in your own, here’s a sneak peek into my desk drawer:


Currently in the drawer: Oats, peanut butter, Clif Kid Z Bars,  LARA bars, ALT bars, Trader Joe’s Apple Squeezers, Raw almonds, apples (Just be sure to eat any fresh fruit before they go bad and stink up the office 😉 )

And some non-food items: Klean Kanteen (hydration is important!), Rubz ball (I am marathon training…), tupperware (not pictured), extra Post-Its (can never have enough!)

Oats, nuts, dried fruit and bars are pretty much staples in my snack drawer, but there are so many more non-pershiable items you can keep.  Whole grain cereals, canned tuna/salmon, rice cakes and popcorn are just a few other good snack options to keep hunger at bay!

Do you keep your own snacks at work? Tell me what’s in your drawer!