A Fall Pasta “Primavera” Recipe

Happy Wednesday!  I’m excited to share some fun news with you all on this Hump Day.  Last week, I was featured on the Pasta Fits website in a Q&A about pasta and exercise!  


Q&A on Pasta & Exercise

As a runner training for my FIRST marathon (ahhh!) and a dietitian who works with athletes, it’s safe to say I know a little something about diet and exercise.  So when my friends at the National Pasta Association had some questions about how endurance athletes can use pasta to fuel their training, I was more than happy to share my thoughts!  Click on over to their site to see what I had to say.

Since pasta is a staple in my diet during marathon training, I’m always looking for new and and interesting pasta recipes.  Recently inspired by the presence of new seasonal apple varieties in the grocery store, I decided to try a pasta dish using apples!  I know it might sound strange at first, but trust me…it’s really delicious! Check out the recipe below and try it for yourself.

Fall Pasta “Primavera”

(Serves 4)


1/2 box whole grain pasta (I used fettucine)

2 Tbsp butter

1 medium onion

1/2 lb crimini mushrooms

2-3 medium apples (I used Ginger Gold)

1 cup vegetable stock (or Chicken stock)

1 cup water

~1/2 cup marsala wine

salt & pepper to taste

grated Parmesan cheese


Cooking up a storm


-Heat a large skillet and melt butter.  Stir in chopped onion and mushrooms, saute for approximately 5 minutes.  Add in chopped apples and cook for additional 2-3 minutes.

-In a medium saucepan, combine stock, water and wine.  Bring to a boil, add pasta and cook for 8-10 minutes.  Pour half of pasta “sauce” directly into pan with apple mixture.  Strain remaining liquid and pasta.  Add pasta back into saucepan and toss all ingredients together.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.


Ta da!

-Last (but not least), serve and top with grated Parmesan cheese!  Enjoy!


Dig in!

Not only is this fall pasta dish super easy to throw together and absolutely delicious, but it’s healthy too!  It’s only about 300 calories per serving, high in fiber and packed with lots of vitamins and minerals!  I chose to make this a vegetarian dish, but there are endless ways to edit this recipe to make it your own.  Chicken or pork would pair well with the flavors, as would goat or bleu cheese!   Get creative and have fun with it!

Give it a try and share your thoughts with me.  Do you have a favorite or unique pasta recipe to share?  


Snack Attack: What’s In My Desk?

Be prepared.

That’s the motto of the Boy Scouts of America, and also one of my favorite nutrition tips! Preparation is essential to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and can include meal planning, creating shopping lists, shopping, cooking and storing meals. It also means buying and keeping healthy snacks around. Being prepared means you’ll never be stuck up the river without a paddle. Or in our case, sitting at your desk at 3pm, starving and rationalizing that a Snickers is a healthy snack because it has peanuts!

I don’t know about you, but I get pretty cranky when I’m hungry. So when it comes to being prepared, you can bet I practice what I preach! Even if I can’t make the weekly meal prep happen, I always have quick healthy snacks on hand. You will almost always find trail mix or a KIND bar in my purse. And my desk at work is full of healthy snacks I can grab in a pinch (or offer to starving co-workers). 

So if you ever wondered what an RD keeps in her desk at work…or are looking for some quick, easy and healthy ideas to keep in your own, here’s a sneak peek into my desk drawer:


Currently in the drawer: Oats, peanut butter, Clif Kid Z Bars,  LARA bars, ALT bars, Trader Joe’s Apple Squeezers, Raw almonds, apples (Just be sure to eat any fresh fruit before they go bad and stink up the office 😉 )

And some non-food items: Klean Kanteen (hydration is important!), Rubz ball (I am marathon training…), tupperware (not pictured), extra Post-Its (can never have enough!)

Oats, nuts, dried fruit and bars are pretty much staples in my snack drawer, but there are so many more non-pershiable items you can keep.  Whole grain cereals, canned tuna/salmon, rice cakes and popcorn are just a few other good snack options to keep hunger at bay!

Do you keep your own snacks at work? Tell me what’s in your drawer!