Ice Cream Choices and My Podcast Faves

Happy Monday, friends! We’ve had a few days of wintry weather here in the Northeast and it was kind of nice to stay indoors getting cozy while it rained, snowed and sleeted. The yucky winter weather didn’t stop us from enjoying ice cream, though! Yesterday afternoon, I whipped up this Vegan Cashew Ice Cream as practice for a recipe coming soon to the blog. Then during my Whole Foods grocery trip, I scooped up a few pints of Talenti that were on sale!

The coconut one (ick) is clearly for Boyfriend, who is actually dealing with a man cold right now. He’s a total ice cream junkie even when he’s healthy, but I figured the cool treat would feel good on his sore throat.  #WorldsBestGirlfriend 😉

Since we don’t usually buy ice cream to keep at home, deciding on a flavor is always a struggle for me. So many flavors, so little time! My go-to is mint chocolate chip, but I’m also a sucker for vanilla bean or a really good chocolate. Boyfriend is pretty much guaranteed to choose something with coconut and/or almond. Sometimes if he picks a vanilla based one, I’ll choose chocolate so I can get the best of both worlds. Do you always stick with one flavor or do you switch up your ice cream picks? It’s just the worst to have buyers remorse when it comes to ice cream, ya know? 

Switching gears, let’s talk about something else I’m loving–podcasts. With my longish commute, I spend lots of time in the car by myself and I get super sick of the radio.  Podcasts are an awesome way to fill that time, whether it be for education and growth or pure entertainment. When I first started listening to podcasts, I stuck with “safe”  (read: popular) ones like Serial and This American Life. Today, I subscribe to more than 20 podcasts ranging in subject from true crime to CrossFit to meditation. Let’s discuss my current faves:

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein. Lindsey created exactly what was missing in podcast land with fun and conversational episodes focusing on women, running and so much more.  If you read this blog, chances are you’ll love her podcast, so go check it out!  Oh, and I was a guest on episode 48, so maybe start there and work your way back.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking. So I fell in love with Nora McInerny while reading her book It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying is Cool Too). It’s a must-read, but long story short: she lost her husband at a super young age to a brain tumor and wrote a blog and a book about that experience. Now, she’s sharing all kinds of difficult stories on her podcast and I’m hooked. Fair warning–there is a lot of crying.

Food Psych with Christy Harrison.  Christy is a Registered Dietitian who talks all about intuitive eating, body positivity and eating disorders.  She brings on guests with amazing stories and perspectives and I take away some amazing tidbit or advice every time I tune in.

My Favorite Murder. Stay with me here…this one might seem a little odd, but I’m a total true crime lover and this podcast focuses on crime (murder, specifically) in a unique way.  It’s a comedy podcast that covers real, horrific stories but makes you laugh along the way. 

Girls Gone WOD is one of the first podcasts I started listening to because A) I love CrossFit and B) Joy and Claire are so fun to listen to.  Like Lindsey’s podcast, theirs is conversational and feels like chatting with friends.  They do talk about more than just CrossFit, so don’t let that intimidate you.

*NEW* Ali on the Run Show! Ali just launched her podcast and I’ve only listened to 1.5 episodes so far, but it’s definitely a good time. With a conversational tone like I’ll Have Another, I know this one will be a regular in my lineup.  I love the questions at the end and can’t wait to see what guests she has on in the future. Go Ali! 

That’s all for today, folks. Have a fabulous week. Maybe grab a pint of ice cream and tune into some new podcasts!

Not Ready to Ditch the Scale? Here Are A Few Things You CAN Do

It’s time to break up with your scale…seriously. So if the thought of throwing away a perfectly good scale gives you serious anxiety, keep reading. If you can’t imagine not waking up each morning and subjecting yourself to a weigh-in, definitely keep reading. This post is for YOU!  I work with many of my clients to help them give up their scales once and for all.    

Just like with other habits, not everyone is comfortable quitting the scale cold turkey.  And if you’re not ready today, that’s okay…but please know that you can get there someday. You CAN be free of relying on one silly number to determine your self worth or happiness. It might just take baby steps.  So if you’ve been thinking about it, but maybe aren’t 100% ready to toss your scale in the trash yet, here are some things you can do to move in that direction.  

  1. Switch your focus to other “measurements”.  There are plenty of ways to determine whether changes in your eating or exercise habits are making an impact on overall health.  These include, but are not limited to:
    • Energy levels
    • Skin/Hair 
    • Blood work results
    • Disease risk factors
    • Quality of sleep
    • Mood
    • Mental clarity
    • Body composition
    • How your clothes fit
    • Self-esteem
    • Fitness levels
    • Athletic performance
  2. Move the damn scale out of the bathroom.  Put it in a super inconvenient spot.  Hide it under your bed, in the closet or in the basement. Find somewhere that you will have to make a real effort to go get it. Many people keep a scale right in the bathroom where they can step on in the morning, evening and anytime they go pee or poop. If you want to still hang onto it (for now), start by moving it out of the bathroom!
  3. Create a self-love ritual.  Do this especially if you’re still hanging onto the habit of weighing in.  I encourage clients to look themselves in the mirror and say one thing they like about themselves before (or after) every weigh-in. It can help to write that something down each day. It may sound a little silly, but it goes a long way to show your body some kindness and counteract any negative thoughts you’re telling yourself based on the number on the scale.
  4. Be curious and pay attention to your thoughts surrounding the weigh-in.  As I said, you don’t have to give up your scale just yet, but start paying attention to what’s happening in the moments before you step on. How do you feel? Anxious? Scared? Are you recounting all the things you did “wrong” and thinking how you’ll “work harder” moving forward.  Once you’ve stepped onto the scale and see the number, what does that number mean to you? Is it a true measure of your worth? How does that number impact the rest of your day? Is it kind? Is it helpful? 
  5. Start questioning the heck out of the scale routine Ask yourself some of these:
    • Why do you continue to weigh yourself? 
    • Where and when did you pick up the habit of stepping on the scale every day/week/month/etc? 
    • How is weighing in on the scale serving you? 
    • How would your life look if you didn’t weigh yourself anymore? What would change? 

These are all totally doable, right? It’s time to stop beating yourself up over things that are often out of your control, like weight. Yes, it sounds a little crazy, but there is only so much control we have over how much we weigh. At the same time, you are 100% in control of how you choose to think and feel about yourself.  So instead of stepping on the scale, how can you choose to realign with some bigger intentions and goals? I know you might not be ready to totally give up the scale today, but ask yourself-what is the one thing you CAN do?  Maybe choose just one of the things from my list. Maybe choose a few. Give them a shot and see what happens.

Baby steps toward the best breakup you’ll ever have. I promise.

Tell me—Do you have a habit of weighing in? Are you a cold turkey quitter? If you ditched the scale, let’s hear your successful strategies.