Life Lately

How the heck is it Friday already?  I wish I was here to share a new recipe or more informative post, but alas I haven’t been on my blogging game as of late.  So instead, we’re going with a totally random post today.  Here’s what’s going on in my life lately…

I’m so itchy.  I don’t know about y’all, but allergies have hit me hard these past few weeks.  My eyes are itching and watery and I’ve been sneezing like crazy.  I blame the weird late arrival of spring weather.

Also, I’m sore.  


BTW I quote/act out this meme to boyfriend at least once a week.  Last Friday, we did the benchmark WOD Cindy which left me sore for days and among other WODs this week, we did a brutal workout involving wall balls and double-unders.  It was basically my CrossFit nightmare and I have had baby giraffe legs ever since.  


On a professional note, I enrolled in Wellcoaches to boost my coaching skills and the training starts next week.  I’ll be honest–I’m a little intimidated but excited too!

Speaking of wellness coaching, I’m officially accepting new clients in my nutrition coaching businesscheck out my business website here.  This has been a loooong time coming and I’m only coaching part-time for now, but I’m excited that I’ve finally taken the plunge on it.

I’m headed to Orlando this weekend for the Today’s Dietitian Symposium!  Be sure to join me on twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (kimhobanrd) to follow along during the nutrition sessions and see some of my Florida fun.

I’m still obsessed with podcasts and audiobooks.  Right now I’m loving I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein and I just finished listening to both Me Before You and After You by Jojo Moyes on audible.  My nightstand book stack is holding onto a few “real” books for me too: Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin and Brooklyn by Colm Toibin.  

That’s all for now, friends.  I hope you have a great weekend. Any podcasts or books you’re loving lately?  Send me your recommendations, I’ll need more for my upcoming travel!




Adventures in Portland-Part 3

Welcome back.  Are you sick of hearing about my Portland trip yet?  If so, #sorrynotsorry because I’m here to recap the final day of my trip (part 1 and part 2), which might just have been the best of all!  

After a full 8 hours of sleep on Saturday night, I was ready to tackle my last day in Portland.  While several of the SCAN educational sessions seemed interesting to me, I decided to skip them altogether to take full advantage of my time in the Pacific Northwest.  My brain was a tad bit fried from the previous two days of sessions and I knew I would regret not experiencing some amount of nature while in Portland.  Even though I played hooky from the symposium, I still got up early and went to the group yoga class, sponsored by Spright and led by Heather.  The class was held on the top floor of our hotel with a beautiful view of Portland.  

Photo cred: Yogi Heather!

Photo cred: Yogi Heather!

The class was pretty challenging (lots of planks and balancing falling), but it was a great way to start the day.  Heather’s playlist was awesome and it was fun to practice with so many fellow RD’s.  

After yoga, I quickly popped back to my room to throw on my sneakers and make sure my suitcase was all packed up.  I really had to jam everything in the suitcase, given the amount of Portland coffee, chocolate and souvenirs I purchased…Oops!  If I had more time, I would have loved to head even further North in Portland to some of the more scenic trails, but for the sake of time, I opted to walk West to Washington Park, visit the Rose Garden and hike portions of the Wildwood and Magnolia Trails.  

Portland Hike IMG_2774 IMG_2799 IMG_2816

I spent almost 3 hours exploring and soaking up those lush green surroundings. I can’t get over how walkable Portland is!   I simply walked my way out of the city and into these gorgeous trails.  Happy place, for sure!hiking selfie

Heading back toward downtown, I realized how close I was to Blue Star Donuts, a coffee and donut shop that markets themselves as donuts for grown-ups.  Blue Star might not be as well known (yet) as VooDoo, but it definitely has a following.  Sunday morning was probably one of the worst times I could have chosen to check it out, but I love me some donuts, so I waited in line anyway.

Keep Calm

They definitely had more “up-scale” flavor offerings (if that is possible with donuts) and unique flavors like Raspberry Rosemary and Bourbon Basil.  I opted for a Passion Fruit with Cacao Nibs and grabbed a Cinnamon Sugar to stuff in my suitcase for Boyfriend.

BS Donuts

Holy donuts, these donuts were delicious!  My passion fruit one was fresh, sweet and actually a little spicy.  It was also pretty big and I couldn’t finish the whole thing, but YUM.  Blue Star wins over Voodoo in my book for sure!

After the hike/donut excursion, I quickly packed up and checked out of the hotel, Ieaving my bags at Concierge so I could wander the city some more.  Kelly and I were planning to head to the airport together for our red-eye flights back to the East coast, so we decided to meet for a late lunch before hopping on the light rail.  Unsure of where to go for our last meal in Portland, someone suggested to her that she visit Petunia’s Pies & Pastries for vegan and gluten-free treats so we headed there while still debating lunch options.  Turns out, the bakery not only has a lunch menu, but the options were right up our alley!  We each ordered a Veggie BBQ Bowl and shared some molasses cornbread.  


Talk about yum!  I love how this beautiful veggie-tactic bowl was on the menu at a bakery.  From my experiences in Portland, it seems like vegetarian and health-conscious meals are the default and more indulgent/less nutritious options are less prevalent.  Which, ya know, is how it should be! 😉  Before we left Petunia’s for the airport, I snagged a chocolate cookie for my carry-on as one final delicious end to a weekend of good food and touristy adventures. 

Until next time, Portland! xo