Most Popular Recipes & Posts of 2016

Most Popular Recipes & Posts of 2016

With just three days left until 2017, it’s time to look back and reflect on the past year. Many people are eager to put 2016 behind us, but personally, I had a pretty darn good year.  I did some traveling and tried to prioritize self-care and personal relationships. 2016 was also the year I took some leaps with my business and here on the blog, I shared some awesome recipes, nutrition posts and product partnerships/reviews. I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store, but first–here are my top blog posts of 2016:


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Here’s to an even bigger and better 2017! Happy (almost) New Year!

Your turn: What were your favorite posts here on the blog? What would you like to see more of next year?  What’s your biggest goal for yourself in 2017? Tell me in the comments below!

Girls Gone Rx Brooklyn Recap

Girls Gone Rx Brooklyn Recap

Hi friends! If you’re following me on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, you already know I competed in the Girls Gone Rx competition at CrossFit 718 in Brooklyn this past weekend.  I shared a little bit about the event a few weeks ago here, but basically Girls Gone Rx is an all-female team CrossFit competition that benefits Bright Pink.  My team, Thick Thighs Saves Lives raised over $950 before competition day and (spoiler alert!) we took first place! 


Okay, so we took first place in the fundraising, not the actual competition. 😉  It sounded good though, right!? As this is a fundraising event, I was psyched that we were able to raise the most money.  Plus we ended up getting some cool prizes from the sponsor companies (like LiveSore) for doing so.  Now on to the actual competition…



Workout 1 was a 9-minute running clock, where each girl had to establish a 3-rep maximum front squat.  I was most nervous about this workout because heavy stuff is not my strong suit, mentally or physically.  My teammates are super strong and had much higher numbers than me, so I would go first until I failed, then back out and let them go for it!  FYI-my 1 rep maximum front squat prior to the competition was 145lb.  I started with 125-lb and had no problem.  Then I went for 135-lb, which I knew was doable as I had just done this for the complex at Flex on the Beach.  I made the jump to 145-lb, hoping my nervous competition day energy would help me nail it.  I got through the first two squats, but just couldn’t stand it up for the 3rd one.  Rather than do another attempt at 140, I let the other girls take over and bang out some higher numbers.

girls gone rx 1

Credit: @hai_intensity @antlucic

Our team finished with a total weight of 485 and both the other girls set PRs for their front squats.  So awesome to see! Some of the other teams had upwards of 600-lb totals, which is ridiculous.  #Goals  



I felt fairly confident about this workout.  65-lb power cleans are no problem for our team and we each now have double unders, it’s just a matter of whether we can string them together during the workouts.  Some days you can, some days you just can’t.  For 9 minutes, each teammate worked for 1 minute, then rotated out, with the next team member picking up where the first left off.  We each cycled through to get as many reps as possible.  

girls gone rx 2

Credit: @hai_intensity @antlucic

My DU were solid for the first round (see awesome photo above), but after that I struggled to string them together.  I’d get a few, then lose it.  We all agreed that those one minute work periods went by extremely quickly and it was hard to get into a good rhythm with any movement.  I don’t remember our final score, but this second workout was kind of middle of the road for us.  



Looking at this one in advance, part A seemed to be no problem but we anticipated part B wouldn’t be great, given that only one of us truly has strong pull-ups that she can string together.  For me, the shoulder-to-overhead felt surprisingly heavy and I ended up switching to push jerks from push presses as I got more fatigued.  

girls gone rx 3

The row felt strong and we each moved pretty smoothly through our 3 rounds.  We finished in 5:45-ish and had over 3 minutes to accumulate as many pull-ups as we could.  We took turns, letting Kalli (our pull-up star) do as many as she could, then giving her a rest by doing 3-4 each.  When the clock stopped, we had done 96 pull-ups between the three of us, good enough for 5th overall in workout 3B.  I’m still shocked and impressed by us, not to mention sore from all those pull-ups! 🙂



The fourth and final workout was a chipper of box jumps, kettle bell swings and wall balls.  Although it was a long day, the whole event was very organized with regards to timing.  There were heats every 15 minutes and the gym owners/judges did a great job of directing us in and out of the stations.  For the sake of time, they ended up putting a 12 minute cap on the 4th workout and for scoring purposes, any reps that were incomplete would be added to the that 12:00 time.

girls gone rx 4

Credit: @hai_intensity @antlucic

Our team moved pretty efficiently through the box jumps (step ups were allowed) and kettle bell swings, breaking them up into sets of 10 each.  I think our judge miscounted our swings and told us to move onto the wall balls 10-reps early, but he said he was sure he counted 150, so we went with it.  Hey, I tried…In the end, we finished 96 of the 150 wall balls (weird, since we did 96 pull-ups too…) and were done for the day!

Team Thick Thighs Save Lives finished 14th overall (of 24 teams) and like I mentioned…first place in the fundraiser, which is really what matters.  I want to send a huge THANK YOU out to all of you who donated and supported our team. I’m really proud of us and look forward to participating in GGRx events again.  Until then, you can bet I’ll be working on my squat!