10 Minute Get-A-Grip! Workout

A big thank you to w.o.d.welder for teaming up with me on this workout and blog post. As always, all content and opinions are my own. 

Happy Monday! I’m so excited to start this week off by sharing an awesome workout with you all. By now you know that I have retired my running shoes temporarily and am a full on CrossFit junkie. I did still run a 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, which just goes to show that CrossFit is a great way to keep in running shape without having to pound the pavement.  Anyway, what I love so much about CrossFit is the variety of movement and the intensity. Some of the CrossFit benchmark WODs are less than 5 minutes long and will kick your butt! 

CrossFit can be intense but it’s also highly effective and efficient.  The workout I developed for y’all follows those guidelines perfectly.  It’s just 10 minutes long, but will leave you out of breath with your lungs and forearms burning.  Appropriately named “Get A Grip!”, here’s what the workout looks like:


A clock is set for 10 minutes and the goal is to cycle through the three movements until the time is up.  This can be done in a gym or your garage gym–you’ll just need a pull-up bar, barbell and a kettle bell.  As with all CrossFit workouts, the weights and movements can be scaled back appropriately.  Feel free to decrease the load on the weights or scale down to knees-to-chest instead of toes-to-bar as needed.  wodwelderwod

Here’s how you do this griptastic workout: 

Set a timer for 10 minutes. Begin by performing 5 toes-to-bar.


Once you finish the five toes-to-bar, move immediately to the barbell for 10 deadlifts.


After that, pick up your kettle bell and starting swinging for 15 reps.  


Once all three movements are complete, head back to the pull-up bar for 5 more toes-to-bar.  Repeat the sequence until 10 minutes is up. Be sure to keep track of how many rounds you complete.  My model boyfriend finished 5 rounds plus 5 toes-to-bar and 4 deadlifts in the ten minute cap!  I’m still working on stringing together my toes-to-bar so I was happy with just finishing 4 full rounds. 

Workout Tips:

  • Remember to breathe. Ten minutes isn’t terribly long, but it can seem longer when you’re struggling to catch your breath!
  • Strategically place your equipment.  Don’t waste time walking from the pull up bar to your barbell, etc.
  • Focus on one movement at a time.  There’s no sense in stressing over the kettle bell swings when you’re still on your toes-to-bar.
  • Just keep moving! Pace yourself and do one rep at a time until it’s over.  I promise, it’ll be fun!

Of course when the workout is over, your forearms are burning and your calluses have started to form, I suggest reaching for w.o.d.welder hand cream.  I just stocked up with a Hero Jar, which is 16 ounces (!) of the magical moisturizer.   I’ve written about my w.o.d.welder love many times before and I do buy this stuff on my own dime—so trust me when I say it works!  


The Hands as Rx cream is also great as we head into the cooler, dry winter weather, because it keeps hands from drying out while also healing those rips and tears from tough days in the gym.

Happy sweating!

P.S. Thank you to boyfriend for being my model and guinea pig and to my home box CrossFit Smithtown for letting me use their space for this workout. 

Disclaimer: While I am a Certified Personal Trainer, I recommend always consulting with your physician before participating in any exercise regimen. Please understand that when participating in any exercise, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this workout, you do so at your own risk and assume all risk of injury to yourself. 

The Murph Challenge 2016

Over the weekend, our CrossFit gym hosted the Hero WOD “Murph” a week earlier than most other gyms.  The workout starts off with a 1 mile run, then leads into 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats and finishes with another 1 mile run.  If you’re truly badass, you complete the workout wearing a 20-lb weight vest.


This grueling workout is normally done on Memorial Day, in honor of Lt. Michael P. Murphy, a Navy SEAL who was killed in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005.  This workout was Murph’s favorite and has now become a tradition that pays tribute to the hero who gave all for his teammates and his country.  During Operation Red Wings, “Murph” heroically put himself in the line of fire in order to make contact with an air base and request support for his team.  For more on Murph’s story, you can watch Murph: The Protector or Lone Survivor and check out TheMurphChallenge.com.  So much more than just a workout, the Murph Challenge is also the Official annual fundraiser for the Lt. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation.  

Last year, Boyfriend and I completed Murph as a partner workout, but this year I accepted the challenge on my own.  I modified the pull-ups to ring rows and scaled the push-ups to hand-release and eventually on my knees when I needed to.  

Murph 2016 KH

There are many strategies for how to break up the movements in this workout and I went with the most popular one: 20 rounds of Cindy, which is 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 air squats.  As expected, the push-ups were the hardest part for me.  My chest and triceps are still tight and sore!  The run portions ended up being a tad longer than a mile (maybe about 1.2ish?) and the final run certainly wasn’t pretty after 300 squats, but I gave it all I had and finished in 49:33.  Despite not being able to complete the workout Rx, I am extremely proud of myself and my time! 

Murph 2016

I don’t have any photos from during the workout (which is probably a good thing), but some of us girls got together for a group pic when we were all done and sweaty.  After the WOD, everyone hung out to eat and watch some of the CrossFit Regionals live.  I brought my Avocado BLT Bites and a Strawberry Mango Salsa…SO good!  

Murph is definitely a tough workout, but serves as a reminder of the incredible sacrifice our military men and women are making every single day.  Memorial Day shouldn’t be the only day we take time out to remember those who have lost their lives while serving our country.  You can join the rest of the CrossFit world in completing Murph next Monday, May 30th (register here!) or consider donating directly to the Lt. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation.  

Have you ever completed the Murph Challenge? Are you doing it this year?  Tell me about it!